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  • The Bender is the world’s first portable Glass Herb Chamber. Made by American Scientific Glass blowers using borosilicate, this unit is manufactured to provide you with maximum efficiency and taste. The unit holds about .5 grams of material and can vaporize around 1.5 grams between charges. It is designed to work with the 1200F Hammer and is held together using all FDA approved o rings. The unit is easy to clean and will have all the necessary tools. Note: Only works with the Persei Vaporizer 7.4v regualr or Hammer top with IMR Batteries.

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  • These Delta9 Aluminum Multi-Color Drip Tips are compatible with most older style Delta9 Vaporizers including the Persei, Omicron and O-Phos Vaporizers. They are not compatible with any of the newer KISS cartridge designs.

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  • The Delta9 Okeanos Micro Bubbler provides the added benefit of water filtration to your favorite oil vaporizer. It's pocket friendly and very simple to operate. The Okeanos Bubbler is made from stainless steel and borosilicate glass to provide extra durability for long use. Each Okeanos includes a the newest version of the KISS cartridge that utilizes the new titanium grade heating coil and ceramic wick. It also come in either 510 or 601 threading.

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  • These Oil Cartridges are intended for use with the Delta 9 Persei Vaporizer.

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Vape Parts for Delta 9 Vaporizers

Delta 9 is known for their essential oil and wax concentrate vape pens. If you own a Delta 9 vaporizer, investing in vape parts is a smart way to keep vaporization quality optimal, as well as maintain your vape through the years. Delta 9 vape parts include eliquid tanks, mouthpieces, vape cartridges, and bubbler attachments for the Persei, Ophos and Omicron vaporizers.

Vaporizer Parts

Whether you're replacing a broken or worn out vape part, or modifying your Delta 9 vaporizer with a bender or bubbler attachment, there are plenty of replacement vaporizer parts available. Eliquid tanks are available in smaller (1.6ml) or larger (3.5ml) sizes, depending on your vaping preferences and budget. Delta 9 fill tools enable you to easily refill eliquid cartridges. And silicone mouthpieces provide a comfortable vaping experience.