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  • The Aurora is the latest wax pen innovation from one of the biggest names in the game, Dr. Dabber. The Aurora features a variable voltage battery, three advanced atomizers (including quartz crystal and ceramic halo), and SnapTech magnetic technology (which replaces standard threading found on other pen-style vaporizers) for a seamless user experience. As with all Dr. Dabber products, the Aurora is constructed from only the highest-grade materials, is built to last, and features their award-winning low heat system.
    • Sleek & Discreet
    • Matte Satin Finish
    • Ceramic Mouthpiece

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  • The Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer - AHOL Edition blends the award-winning vapor production of the Aurora vape pen with the mind-bending patterns of Florida-based graffiti artist, AHOL Sniffs Glue.
    • Original Artwork by AHOL
    • AHOL-Designed Stash Set
    • 3 Premium Atomizers

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Dr. Dabber, a name synonymous with quality in the vaporizer industry, produces some of the most highly rated wax pen vaporizers on the market. Created by vape enthusiasts - for vape enthusiasts, Dr. Dabber’s mission from the start has been to create high-quality wax vape pens at affordable prices, while supporting the growing cannabis community. Not satisfied with current trends and offerings in the wax pen market, Dr. Dabber set out to create the ideal vape pen. Through countless hours of research and listening to what their customers have to say, Dr. Dabber products deliver a vaping experience that minimizes inherent health risks without sacrificing enjoyment or flavor. 


Globally recognized for their commitment to quality, convenience, reliability, and effectiveness, Dr. Dabber vaporizers represent the pinnacle of the industry. By using low-heat titanium technology, the Dr. Dabber Ghost and Dr. Dabber Light wax pens can produce thick, potent vapor with unparalleled quality.


As the name implies, Dr. Dabber creates purpose-designed vaporizers optimized for concentrate usage. This means that with every Dr. Dabber product you buy, that vaporizer has been thoroughly engineered and tested to ensure a quality wax vaping experience. While other companies produce units for dry herb and concentrate, Dr. Dabber has stayed true to the dab. This focus has lead to a wealth of innovation, represented in the entire Dr. Dabber line.


With a relatively small lineup of dedicated products, Dr. Dabber offers concentrate vaporizers for users of all levels and budgets. While they do not offer any compatibility for dry herb, there is still great variety in features and function of each unit. So which Dr. Dabber wax vape is right for you?

Dr. Dabber Light

The entry-priced unit, the Dr. Dabber Light is the smallest and most portable of a very portable lineup. Offering the function of the Ghost vaporizer in a shrunken package, the Light wax pen features the same titanium coiled atomizer as its larger brethren. Utilizing a wicked atomizer with a titanium coil allows the Dr. Dabber Light to soak up more of your concentrate materials than other Atomizers. This permeation delivers stronger flavors with less concentrate splatter.

Dr. Dabber Light Features & Benefits

-Portable size is extremely discrete

-Aggressively priced

-Simple operation

With a low price of entry and surprisingly powerful performance, the Dr. Dabber Light is a great option for a high-quality first vape or an introduction for anyone looking to check out Dr. Dabber.


The Dr. Dabber Ghost is a tried and true wax pen that has remained in the lineup due to its solid performance and reliability. The price offers a great stepping stone for those looking to upgrade from a rip and ditch or low-quality vape. The premium wicked atomizer with titanium coil offers quick heating times with cloud producing temperatures. Based on a simple 510 threaded design, the Ghost is a vape that is easy to maintain.

Dr. Dabber Ghost Features & Benefits

-Larger, wicked atomizer allows for ample concentrate loading

-Simple, black finish is perfect for flying under-the-radar

-510 threaded design makes it easy to clean and maintain

The Ghost is the OG wax pen design that helped build the legacy of Dr. Dabber. The unit continues to be a solid performer armed with an atomizer that holds in the flavor of your concentrates while eliminating splatter.


With a revolutionary new connection system that eliminates the tedious screwing of 510 threaded wax pens, the Dr. Dabber Aurora is a premium vape from top to bottom. Armed with a plethora of atomizers, the user can tailor their preference and experiment with the latest in wax pen technology. The dual quartz atomizer is perfect for the smoothest rips, the dual ceramic is perfect for harder hitting rips bustling with flavor, while the coilless ceramic allows the user to vape low and slow.

 Dr. Dabber Aurora Features & Benefits

-Magnetic SnapTech connection allows for easier loading of the atomizer

-Includes 3 atomizers, which allows for different experiences as well as easy replacements

-Premium finish feels solid, quality is evident

The Dr. Dabber Aurora is a welcomed step forward in portable concentrate vaporization. Shipping with atomizers to suit any user and a magnetic connection system, the Aurora offers the easiest way to take performance vaporization on-the-go.


When the regular tools won’t get the job done, it’s time to call in the heavy artillery, the Dr. Dabber Boost fits the bill with aplomb. A portable E-nail that makes the transition from analog dabs to electronic rigs easy, the Boost delivers huge hits that no wax pen can match. With a titanium nail for the largest hits, ceramic for medium hits with more flavor and quartz for smooth clouds, the Boost is ready to rip. The included water filtration system offers cooler clouds for lung-expanding experiences.

Dr. Dabber Boost Features & Benefits

-Quality and variety of nails should last the user for quite a while

-High powered battery helps to deliver massive rips that rival rigs

-Included water filtration is made of thick glass and leak proof

The Boost is the heaviest-hitting offering in the Dr. Dabber lineup. If your ready for a rig or looking to get larger rips than a standard wax pen can deliver, this is your weapon