Easy Vape 5 Vaporizer

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Heat-up Time
  • Digital LCD Display
  • 5-Button Control
  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • Quick Heat-Up Time
  • Hands Free Connection
  • Available in a Variety of Colors
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The Easy Vape 5 is a whip style vaporizer that features push button temperature controls for very accurate vaporization.  The digital display shows exactly where the temp is set, making it easy to find the right level.  The Easy Vape 5 includes a programmable timer to turn the unit off automatically.  It also boasts a ceramic heating element that can reach the temperature in a minute or less.  The unit is even hands free, meaning it has a ground glass connection that creates a tight seal between the heater cover and wand.

Designed with a retro feel in mind, the Easy Vape 5 is a great starter desktop vaporizer.  It's easy to use right out of the box and includes a set of quick instructions to get started.  It also includes a six foot power cord allows for a wide range of distance from a wall outlet.  The unit is made of durable polycarbonate and the heater cover comes with a 5 year warranty, all in a very cost effective package. 

  • 1 x 18mm Hands Free Glass Wand
  • 1 x 30" Surgical Grade Tubing
  • 1 x Glass Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Screen

Easy Vape 5 Vaporizer Additional Information

Warranty Info: 5-Year Warranty - Heating Element
Dimensions: 4.25 x 8.5 x 9 in.
Weight: 1.65 lbs.
Vaporizer Type: Whip-Style
Vaporizer Compatibility: Herbs
Delivery Method: Hands Free
Voltage: 110v
Screen Size: 1 Inch

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • 11 of 11 people found the following review helpful

    Easy Vape 5

    I did extensive research before I made a vaporizer purchase. I deduced that I needed just a bare bones type setup, with value being a very important detail. Compared to a vaporizer costing six or seven times what this one cost, I have not figured out what the more expensive models offer (to me). Having read that instructions were not supplied, I viewed a few youtube videos and in a matter of moments I was a vaping semipro. It's so nice to smoke my medications without coughing up a chunk of a lung. Overall, I feel that for me this product was just what the bud wrangler ordered.

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  • 10 of 10 people found the following review helpful

    Good Value

    For Just under $70, this is a great value. It is our first vape, and I'm pretty pleased so far.

    Easy to use, even without and instructional guide. There are plenty of youtube videos out there to watch and play along with.
    Looks really good just sitting on our coffee table, no need to rush putting it away if need be, and since I am a big aromatherapy fan (no pun intended), it can easily be passed of as something that makes the house smell nice.
    Holds a decent amount.

    No guide (but if you have a computer and internet access, it's not big deal AT ALL)
    We've found that unless you tilt the back end up, your herbs will burn. We've rested the back end up so as to keep the whip more parallel with the table than at an angle. That really helps out.

    Things I still need to consider being new to vaporizers: Temperature controls. I've read that the best is when you can be more specific with the actual temp number. This little fella here does by 10's, which is fine by us as we learn and grown with it.

    I'm sure a more experienced vaporist would be a little annoyed, but for a first timer, this is well worth the price.

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  • 8 of 8 people found the following review helpful

    easy vape v5

    As someone new to vaping I did a lot of reviews and figured I would try the easy vape v5 out as a start. it was a stellar purchase and I am 100% satisfied with it up to this point. It makes a little last a long time and it definitely works as expected. Little to no smell/smoke inside the house during/after use. Heats up quickly.

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  • 8 of 8 people found the following review helpful

    You've got NO idea what an AMAZING VALUE this is~

    Before I, actually, bought A vape-thing, I had NO need for one-or so I thought.. I researched all types of products-from $ 850+ on down to about $70~ I'm writing this because SINCE I received mine-I have NOT stopped "futzing" with it. As many of the reviewers lamented there were NO instructions, NO guide..WAH-WAH!~For me, playing with the unit-to understand how-BEST it works is a CRITICAL part of owning-, and faithfully using a vape.For instance-FIRST-THING I noticed ; the RUBBER tube, within which the Mouthpiece goes, was 30"-as advertised.For my use-it was TOO short; make you drop your stuff. WHAT I DID, was get a 5foot pc of clear (plastic-type) tube in Plumbing [email protected] and Voila!~-all the room I need.- NO spillage...plenty of room to relax~

    The unit is excellent-Light in weight it IS better than described.Takes THREE minutes to heat to 400F and a "Shut-Off Timer" ensures the unit CANNOT stay-on beyond an Hour..Great feature but there's only 5 buttons on it and the middle-one is on/off- This is the first vape I've owned and find MANY benefits..Vaporizing inherently gives one "more bang for the buck" Please understand, I read ALL FIFTY-PLUS REVIEWS before RELUCTANTLY Deciding to but the Easy-Vape 5. My PRIMARY concern?..M-O-N-E-Y..and, oh yeah..A QUALITY PRODUCT AT A GOOD PRICE.Additional to that would be Gravy.

    I found both, and much-much more, with this particular purchase. I have, for weird reasons, had MANY contacts with this company and in every single case I was, not only taken care of PROMPTLY, but made to feel as I were their only customer.
    Kudos, guys for a great product and superlative service. The discounts and other money saving things you do will make for some VERY happy customers. ONE HELLUVA PRODUCT. In short-I cannot recall when i've made such a "wise" purchase-kidding..Excellent deal.

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  • 6 of 6 people found the following review helpful


    I would recommend this product to everyone. It is really easy to use, the digital display is easy to read, the heating element heats up fast, the results of it's use are highly effective, looks cool, lights are cool, I give it a thumbs up. VapoNation rules.

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Q: Real new be to this vape thing. Just got my EASY VAPE 5 digital. Here's my issue: Should I be sucking air through wand and hose? All that I do is stir up my material in the wand. What is wrong?

Asked By Dickiedo on November 02, 2017

A: Hi Dickiedo, Perhaps you're packing the wand to tightly, which can clog the air path. Make sure to grind your herb down finely before packing the wand. You also want to take short puffs in succession to get the bowl started. Best Wishes, The VaporNation Team

Q: I have followed all the instructions but there is no visible vapor coming thru tube and the air I pull in is cool. Even though the ground glass connection is hot, the heating element is reddish at the base but not at the tip where it connects to the ground glass wand. I do not think that vaporizing is occurring and I have tried both fresh white widow and very dry weed of unknown origin but it makes no difference...temps between 310-380. What am I doing wrong, if anything? I have waited for temp beep etc...and then some.

Asked By Pamela Wagner on May 31, 2017

A: Hi Pamela, Sorry you're experiencing issues with your Easy Vape 5 vaporizer. Make sure your dry herb is thoroughly broken down or ground to give the bowl enough air flow and surface area for vaporization. Also make sure you have enough dry herb in the bowl. Try filling at least half of the bowl. You might also need to give a few puffs, maybe three or five to give the vape time to heat up. Your first puffs should be slow and deep. If you believe your Easy Vape 5 vaporizer is malfunctioning, it's protected by a 5 year warranty which we can process for you at [email protected] if the device was purchased from VaporNation. Best Wishes, The VaporNation Team

Q: Does this arrive in discrete packaging or does it show the picture and what's inside?

Asked By Shayne on May 19, 2017

A: Hey Shayne, We ship all of our products discretely. Inside of the shipping box or envelope, the product will be in its original box which does include a picture of the unit on it. Hopefully this answers your question, Stay Stealthy, VaporNation

Q: Do you have to use the whole bowl at one time or can i take a few hits turn it off and heat it up again later?

Asked By r2dtwo on October 13, 2016

A: You bet. Like most vapes, the Easy Vape 5 vaporizer does not require that you finish the bowl in one session. Best Wishes, The VaporNation Team

Q: What is the weight of this device? Despite it being a desktop device, is it easily transportable?

Asked By Jenna on January 18, 2015

A: Weighing in at less than three pounds, you should have no problem transporting the Easy Vape 5.

Q: What is the timer for? What time should be set at?

Asked By mike on March 26, 2014

A: The timer is for setting an automatic shutoff time. It is truly up to the user to determine how long they prefer to have the vaporizer run prior to shutting off.

Q: Is there s a warranty on this vaporizer?

Asked By Robert Walling on October 02, 2013

A: Yes. It includes a 5 Year Warranty that covers any defect associated with the heating element.

Q: What's the best temp on the Easy Vape 5?

Asked By Rob on October 02, 2013

A: We recommend to start vaporizing around 360F and raise the temperature accordingly if you prefer thicker clouds of vapor.

Q: How much dry herb can you fit in the vaporizer?

Asked By ROB on September 30, 2013

A: You can fit approx. .2 to .5 grams of dry herb inside the wand.

Q: Does this vape utilize conduction or convection heating method?

Asked By Shane Holdman on July 30, 2013

A: The Easy Vape 5 Vaporizer utilizes the convection heating method to produce vapor.

Q: Is this for dry herbs?

Asked By Kathi Lewis on July 15, 2013

A: Yes. The Easy Vape 5 Vaporizer is compatible with dry herbs.

Q: What size screen does the Easy Vape Vaporizer use?

Asked By rod on March 28, 2013

A: The Easy Vape 5 Vaporizer utilizes a 1" screen.

Q: Is it a 110 v or 220 v?

Asked By pat on February 02, 2013

A: All units are 110v.

Q: Does it plug into the wall outlet or does it use batteries?

Asked By Lawrence on November 24, 2012

A: The Easy Vape 5 Vaporizer plugs into the wall and does not utilize any batteries.

Quick Instructions:

•Turn the Easy Vape Vaporizer on by pressing the power button.

•Press MODE once to set the timer for shut off then press ‘S’ to enter. Press MODE twice to adjust the temperature level.

•Adjust temperature by pressing + or - then press S to enter.

•Grind up material and load into the glass wand piece. Recommended load is 1/3 or less of the bowl volume (from screen to tip) tightly packed down.

•Slide the whip onto the heating element of the Easy Vape 5 Vaporizer. For best results, let the vapor whip remain in place for 60-90 seconds before inhaling.

•Exhale all of your breath and take a long steady inhalation; this will produce a visible vapor, try experimenting with longer or shorter inhalations. To adjust the density of the vapor, adjust the temperature gauge either up and down.

•When removing the whip from the heating element, the tip of the vapor whip will be extremely hot. Please use caution and make sure you only come in contact with the base of the whip and do not come in contact within 1 inch of the tip of the vapor whip.