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  • The Easy Vape Digital Hands Free Vaporizer is a Standard Box-Style Vaporizer that comes with a digital temperature control that allows the user to precisely control the temperature within 2 degrees Celsius. It also features an illuminated LCD screen that pulsates to indicate the Vaporizer’s current status. The housing unit is made with a durable polycarbonate material and is very lightweight. The Easy Vape Digital Hands Free Vaporizer also comes with a color-changing 18mm Whip that utilizes ground glass technology to guarantee a true Hands Free experience.
    • Hands Free Operation
    • Digital Temperature Control System
    • LCD Display

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  • The Easy Vape 5 is a whip style vaporizer that features push button temperature controls for very accurate vaporization. The digital display shows exactly where the temp is set, making it easy to find the right level. The Easy Vape 5 includes a programmable timer to turn the unit off automatically. It also boasts a ceramic heating element that can reach the temperature in a minute or less. The unit is even hands free, meaning it has a ground glass connection that creates a tight seal between the heater cover and wand.
    • Digital LCD Display
    • 5-Button Control
    • Ceramic Heating Element

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User-Friendly Vaporizers

Easy Vape manufacturers classic whip-style vaporizers that are all about simplicity. Perfect for those who want a user-friendly unit without a steep learning curve, the Easy Vape 5 and Easy Vape Digital are both incredibly intuitive and are ideal for beginners. In addition to being highly rated for ease of use, Easy Vape vaporizers are also among the most affordable desktop units available. Easy Vape’s most popular model, the ‘5’, features precise temperature control and a digital display, making it simple to find your vaporizing “sweet spot”. The Easy Vape 5 also features unique modern styling and comes with an industry leading five year warranty, while the more traditional Easy Vape Digital model boasts a classic wooden design with a rotary dial to control temperature and also comes standard with a five year warranty.

Old School Vaporization, New School Features

As vaporizer technology continues to advance, Easy Vape continues to produce units that stay true to the original method of whip-style vaporization. While these types of units are sometimes considered to be an “old-school” method of vaporization, Easy Vape manages to blend classic vape functionality with modern designs, bridging the generational gap between vape enthusiasts. Ideal for beginners wanting a straight-forward, affordable unit, or for those seasoned vape veterans just looking for a simpler, less technical way to vaporize, Easy Vape vaporizers take the hassle of out vaporizing. If you’re looking for a no-frills, efficient whip-style vaporizer - Easy Vape has got you covered.