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  • This is the Eleaf USB Wall Adapter for charging your Eleaf vaporizer. If you want to charge your Eleaf vape but don't have a USB outlet nearby, you can utilize the Eleaf USB Wall Adapter. This 1 Amp charger is compatible with vaporizers that can handle 1 Amp of power, so make sure to check the specifications of your device before charging anything other than your Eleaf vape. The Eleaf USB Wall Adapter is built with sturdy high grade plastic with a sleek ergonomic design.
    • 1 Amp
    • USB Adapter
    • Ergonomic Design

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Vape Mods for the Masses

Eleaf mods offer an elite vaping experience that will be accessible, regardless of your familiarity with vaporizers. These batters feature wattage and ohm control options, so vapers have their choice of vapor production. All the units feature precise settings which can be dialed in easily for later use and fool-proof operation. The addition of a tank and atomizers or coils to any of these units, will have users ready to vape. Check the wattage or ohm compatibility in the additional info section before choosing an atomizer or tank to ensure they will work harmoniously.