Electric Grinders

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  • The OTTOtm by banana bros.tm is the first ever all-in-one smart milling machine, capable of finely grinding your dry herb and filling the perfect joint in mere seconds. Boasting patented SMART technology, the OTTO senses the consistency of its contents and automatically adjusts its movement to deliver the perfect grind.
    • All-In-One-Tool
    • Grinds Herb and Fills Cones Rapidly
    • Smart Milling Machine

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  • Boasting a cop mustache that demands respect, this collector's edition OTTO™ Grinder by banana bros.™ is inspired by the cult classic "Super Troopers." This first-ever smart grinder and mill automatically grinds herb AND fills the perfect cone with authority.
    • Limited Edition 'Super Troopers' Design
    • Grinds Herb AND Fills Cones
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Electric grinders are those that use electrical means such as batteries or AC power from a wall outlet to convert the large, raw bits of your herbal blend into more manageable chunks for use. Grinding is an essential part of any vaping process and is even very beneficial to smoking processes or other forms of ingestion. Electric herb grinders eliminate some of the inconveniences of manual grinders while also promoting greater consistency in the grind of your herb.

Grinding is such a crucial process because it encourages even heating of your herbs. When in their raw form, many dried herbs would not be able to be successfully vaporized without wasting many of the essential oils and effects of your blends. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, grinding herb increases the effective surface area of your herbal blends. More surface area means that heat can be more evenly distributed across the herbs for more consistent extraction. The second reason is airflow, allowing heated air to flow evenly and freely through your dry herbs will aid in consumption. Proper airflow will create lower draw resistance for larger hits with less effort and help to distribute the heat for even vaporization or combustion.


Electric grinders work by using energy to power sharp teeth or burrs which will grind your herbal blends into pieces which are more optimized for usage. The motor or driving force for the grinder blades themselves don’t require any power output from the user. This greatly reduces or even eliminates the amount of effort it takes to grind your herbal materials. This can be exceptionally helpful when grinding large amounts of dried herbs or for those with certain disabilities or ailments which may limit their physical abilities.


Electric herb grinders can use any power source. However, all electric grinders will need some sort of energy to function. This is what will give the blades the necessary force to break up your herbs. This power can come in many forms, though the most popular are either lithium ion battery or ac power. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Electric grinders with batteries are much more portable than their plug-in counterparts. However, if the battery should fail while you are out and about –you are more or less out of luck. Electric herb grinders that require AC power are much more limited in where you can use them, though they will generally be higher-powered, and you won’t have to worry about charging the battery.


The blade or grinding element itself is the aspect of the electronic grinder that will be performing the majority of the heavy lifting. It’s important to find an electric herb grinder with a reliable grinding element crafted from a durable material such as titanium, steel or ceramic. While titanium and steel or other alloys are unbreakable, ceramic will prevent plant material from sticking to the “teeth” of the grinder. This will make it much easier to keep your electric grinder clean, even when grinding up the stickiest, ickiest of dry herbal materials.


So, if all electric herb grinders are made up of a power source and a blade or some sort of grinding element, they must be simple right? While the basic design is certainly quite straightforward, there are many other functions offered by electronic grinders.

Some feature smart technology, which essentially allows the electric grinder to responsively react to whatever dry herbs you place inside. This makes for greater consistency when transitioning from different dry herbs. Other electric herb grinders may feature funnels or tapered shapes to perfectly load your pipe or water pipe. Some electric grinders will even roll up a choice cylindrical method of ingesting your herbs.

All this technology is exciting for some users, while it may be superfluous for some. When looking for an electric grinder, you have your choice of options. So make sure to find one that will fit in with your lifestyle and usage goals.


The main reason to have an electric herb grinder would be the increased efficiency and consistency that an electric grinder can provide. Electric herb grinders have been purpose-designed to deliver a superior smoking or vaping experience from your herbal materials with less work and thought on the part of the user. These devices can provide a uniform grind which will allow for completely even vaporization, eliminating any overdone or under-done pieces. This will lead to less waste and more of the desired effects and ingredients being extracted from your chosen herbal blends.


Electric herb grinders are a great compliment for those who enjoy rolled methods of ingestion. If you like to roll with papers or other rolling products, an electric grinder is perfect for getting your herbs to the optimal size to be easily rolled. Users who prefer rolled methods also tend to use more herbs than those who use other ingestion methods. The use of an electric grinder can greatly reduce the time and effort expended in getting your herbs ready to be rolled.

Users who primarily vaporize can also benefit greatly from the use of an electric grinder. It is never advised to use any vaporizer without first breaking down your herbs. Failure to do so will result in an extremely uneven vaping experience, which may leave some of your herbal blends burned, while other parts have not yet even been touched by the heat source. While this can be achieved with a manual grinder, an electric one will make pieces that are more even in size. This will reduce the amount of stirring necessary to evenly vaporize all your dry herbs.

People who suffer from injuries, physical ailments or other disabilities will find the benefits of an electric herb grinder to be especially helpful. For those who suffer from lingering issues, the act of grinding may be extremely physically taxing on the wrists and joints. Some medical patients may find themselves too weak or in too great of pain to effectively grind the medicinal herbs they need for relief. An electric grinder is a great way to overcome physical ailments and find relief.


The choice of an electric herb grinder is a personal decision which will come down to the needs of the consumer. However, there are a few factors which can help to make your decision.

Power Source

How is the electric herb grinder powered? If it needs to be plugged, the user must understand that there is no reasonable or convenient way to take it out of the house. Users who need to grind on the go will want to opt for an electric grinder that utilizes a battery, or they may want to stick to use of a manual grinder while out and leave the electric herb grinder at home.


How do you like to consume your herbs? If you like to roll, you will want an electric grinder that can easily be dispensed into papers. Perhaps a grinder that can roll your smoking device for you will be a good fit. Prefer to vape? You’ll want to find an electric herb grinder that promotes an even and consistent grind. Users who prefer to use edible or topical methods will want grinders that feature a larger capacity, this will help speed up the process.

Finding an electric grinder which you will be able to maintain will be essential to the functionality and durability of the unit. How hard will it be to clean your electric herb grinder? Some electric grinders feature removable grinding elements, which makes it easy to deep clean your grinder to keep it sharp and fresh. A sharp grinder is a happy grinder, make sure to remove any lingering moisture or residue from the blades of your electric herb grinder to keep grinding efficiently. By keeping the blades clean and using a damp cloth to remove any residue as it accumulates, you can ensure that your electric grinder continues to service you for years into the future.