G Pen Ground Material Vaporizer

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Heat-up Time
  • Stainless Steel Encasement
  • Scientifically-Hardened Glass Sleeve
  • High-Quality Heating Coil
  • One-Button Activation
  • Easy to Operate
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Introducing the G Pen Herbal Vaporizer, the first G Pen specifically engineered for use with dry herbs. Expertly crafted, the G Pen Herbal Tank is comprised of a stainless steel outer encasement, a scientifically-hardened glass sleeve, and a heating chamber tank. This unit has the same high-quality standards that are accustomed with all Grenco Science products, so you can be assured your G-Pen will withstand heavy use. The heating chamber included with this unit is much different than most other pen-style vaporizers that are capable of vaporizing dry herbs, as this one is more efficient and utilizes a higher-quality heating coil. Each unit is backed with a 1 year warranty that covers any defect related to the electrical components.

  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x Herbal Tank
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Wall Adapter
  • 3 x Cleaning Tips
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 2 x Glass Sleeves
  • 1 x User Manual
Additional Information
Warranty Info: 1 Year - Electronics
Dimensions: 2.25 x 3.25 x 6 in.
Weight: 0.60 lbs.
Vaporizer Type: Portable
Vaporizer Compatibility: Herbs
Delivery Method: Direct Draw
Heat Source: Battery
Voltage: 110v
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    G-Pen Herbal

    First vaporizer purchase. A friend sold me on the vapor concept with his Buddha, but I didn't want to spend that much initially. Plus, I wanted a discreet portable. The quality of the unit is impressive with minimal use of plastic. The herb chamber is replaceable glass (it even comes with a spare) and fits snugly atop the ceramic burner base and burner. The exposed heater coils are pretty industry standard, appear rugged and replaceable. The battery lasts quite well and charges quickly. On-board electronics control a lock for the "on" button, an overheat function and a "low battery" warning.

    Charge the battery, grind some bud and fill the chamber about half-way. The heating coil heats to cherry red in about two seconds, so the learning curve for the device involves learning how to trigger the heater just long enough to produce sufficient heat for vaping, but not enough for combustion. Performing this operation correctly results in good vapor and a satisfying hit. You can get about two pulls from it before the material turns brown and tries to combust. Dumping and reloading is easy.

    My criticisms revolve around keeping the thing clean. The manual could use an exploded-view illustration to show how to take the thing apart and reassemble. There is a tiny screen just under the mouthpiece that fouls regularly and must be removed to clean. Combustion of the herb increases fouling, so it's motivation to keep the temperature of the vape down. It should be noted that it is combustion that produces the acrid smoke so recognizable. Proper vaping will reduce the risk of exposure.

    All in all, due to quality, a fine value. It could be made almost perfect by adding a temperature control and a better manual. I've already recommended it to some friends.

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    Very dissatisfied customer

    I purchased this as a novice user. I also purchased the extended warranty. After two weeks it completely stops working. They tell me it is the burner and that isn't covered under the warranty so $30. later I am working again. Two weeks later this one stops working. And I am not what you would call a heavy user but this sucks! Don't waste your money!

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Q: can I purchase just the heating coil?

Asked By Jerry Shultz on May 17, 2016

A: Yes, the heating chamber can be found on our site here: https://www.vapornation.com/g-pen-herbal-tank.html

Quick Instructions:

G Pen Herbal Vaporizer – Instruction Manual

Getting Started

Ensure that the following components are included:

  • 1 Rechargeable G Pen Battery
  • 1 G Pen Herbal Tank
  • 1 G Wall Adapter
  • 1 G Pen Wired USB Charger
  • 2 G Glass Containers
  • 3 G Cleaning Tips
  • 1 G Cleaning Brush
  • 1 G Tool

Turning On/Off

The G Pen Herbal Vaporizer is engineered with a locking mechanism to prevent accidental or inadvertent usage. To lock/unlock, press the button 5 times. The LED light on th G Pen battery will blink 3 times to acknowledge this feature.


Each G Pen Herbal Vaporizer is comprised of a G Pen Herbal Tank and G Pen Battery. While the vaporizer is OFF/locked, unscrew the mouthpiece to expose the heating element. Load desired amount of preferred herbal materials, and screw in mouthpiece.


Prior to use it is advised that the G Pen Battery is charged in full. Connect the wired USB Charger to the threading of the G Pen Battery. Connect the other end into any compatible USB port. Once connected the G Pen Battery will blink 3 times indicating a successful charge is in progress. Charging is complete when the red light on the G Pen Wired USB illuminates green. Please allow 3-4 hours of charge time for the initial 3 charging cycles.