G Slim Concentrate Vaporizer

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Heat-up Time
  • Portable & Discreet
  • Single Coil Quartz Atomizer
  • Easy to Use
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  • Heats Instantly
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The G Slim quartz wax vaporizer has received a makeover from Grenco Science that’ll hit the spot for fans of wax vaporization. With an upgraded borosilicate chamber and quartz rod atomizer for comfortable, delicious hits, you can enjoy the same compact and lightweight design of the original G Slim, ideal for stealth vaping, but with added vapor purity. The G Slim quartz concentrate vape comes fitted with an easy-to-use on/off battery control feature, and a sleek and slender design that’s geared toward ultra discreet wax vaping. Just remove the mouthpiece, place a glob of waxy oil in the quartz atomizer using the included wax concentrate tool, and reattach the mouthpiece. Vaping with the G Slim quartz concentrate vaporizer is as simple as pressing the heat button and taking a lung-busting draw of milky vapor. Recommended for wax concentrate vaporists with a penchant for outdoor vaping on-the-fly and a taste for high purity vapor.

G Slim
  • 1 x G Slim Battery
  • 1 x G Slim Quartz Tank
  • 1 x G Slim Tool
  • 1 x G Slim USB Charger
Additional Information
Warranty Info: 1 Year Warranty - (Electronics)
Dimensions: 6 x 2.50 x 0.5 in.
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Vaporizer Type: Portable
Vaporizer Compatibility: Waxes
Delivery Method: Direct Draw
Heat Source: Battery
Voltage: 110v
Thread Size: 510
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    Perfect "second" vaporizer

    I made a mistake and put "daytime" medicine in my "nighttime" vaporizer once and I won't be doing that again! This little guy does the trick and creates nice small clouds of vapor. It's affordable enough to be a decent starter vaporizer for folks new to waxes. It's not going to create huge clouds, but it gets the job done.
    It's also quite easy to clean with a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol. I find that cleaning it once a week keeps the wax tasting clean.
    I've been using my unit for about 3 months of pretty light use, and it's doing just fine. If this was my only vape, I'm sure it would have tanked by now. It's also a great travel size vape to stick in your pocket and go. It's a little bigger around, but much shorter than a pencil. There isn't anything to keep the wax inside the vape, so if you are traveling with it, it's best to stick it upright in a pencil loop so nothing leaks out.

    One tip...don't put too much wax into the chamber. It will submerge the little coil, the wax will only bubble and won't produce any vapor. It was easy enough to turn it upside down and pour out the excess though.

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    It works great for its price, I bought it as a replacement and I found it less thicker than most so it became my main squeeze.

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    love it when I don't overfill it with wax, the only issues I've gotten has been just that. Works great for its price.

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Q: I’m very new to this and am wondering doesnthe concentrate tank and the tank that comes with it come full with dab oils?

Asked By Rohan on March 11, 2018

A: Hey Rohan, the G Slim Concentrate Vaporizer does not come pre-filled. We do not sell any wax or concentrate oils. Thanks for asking, VaporNation

Q: Can you switch the cartridge out to ones that contact oil?

Asked By Johnny on February 05, 2018

A: Hey Johnny, the G Slim Concentrate Vaporizer features 510 threading so it should be compatible with most pre-filled cartridges. Thanks for asking, VaporNation

Q: Can it be used with crystal isolates? Also, do I need to change the coil, or is it permanent?

Asked By Technoboy on January 05, 2018

A: Hey Technoboy, the G Slim Concentrate Vaporizer can be used with any concentrate material that will fully dissolve with heat. The coil is removable and replaceable and will need to be changed with time. Thanks for asking, VaporNation

Q: Can this be used with concentrates (dab wax, oils etc.)?

Asked By moon on November 07, 2017

A: Hi Moon, The G Slim Concentrate Vaporizer features a quartz rod atomizer that is compatible with waxy oils, not liquids. Best Wishes, The VaporNation Team

Q: Is the G Slim Concentrate Vaporizer compatible with dry herb?

Asked By Cameron on October 25, 2017

A: The G Slim Concentrate Vaporizer is only compatible with waxy oils. If you're looking for a multi-function vape pen, the G Slim Pizzanista does dry herb, wax, and oils: https://www.vapornation.com/g-slim-pizzanista-edition-vaporizer.html

Q: Can I put dry herb in the G Slim Concentrate Vaporizer?

Asked By Shay on July 21, 2017

A: Hi Shay, The G Slim Concentrate Vaporizer is not compatible with dry herb. However, we have plenty of dry herb vape pens available here: https://www.vapornation.com/dry-herb-vaporizer-pens.html Best Wishes, The VaporNation Team

Q: Does it come with the wax ?

Asked By Stephanie on May 13, 2017

A: Hi Stephanie, The G Slim Concentrate Vaporizer does not come with wax concentrates. VaporNation does not sell dry herb or waxy oils, only the devices that vaporize them. Best Wishes, The VaporNation Team

Q: Can I use this with oil ?

Asked By Terri petersen on September 25, 2016

A: Hi Terri, The G Slim Concentrate Vaporizer is best used with waxy oil concentrates rather than liquid oils. For liquid oil concentrate vape pens, visit our oil vaporizers page: https://www.vapornation.com/e-juice-vaporizers.html Best Wishes, The VaporNation Team

Quick Instructions:

G Slim Wax Vaporizer - Instructions

  • Press button 5 times to lock/unlock
  • Unscrew mouthpiece
  • Load desired essential oils into heating chamber
  • Screw mouthpiece back on
  • Press and hold button
  • Inhale