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  • The Ghost MV1 is a “ready when you are” portable vaporizer that utilizes true convection heating to bring you rich flavor and thick clouds with every draw. Utilizing a pod based “crucible system” makes loading and budgeting material very easy. A swappable 9 amp lithium-ion battery gives the MV1 enough power to reach temperature in just 10 seconds from a cold start. The heat will only reach your ceramic loading pod during inhales, making for ultra clean convection heating and no idea heating between draws.
    • True Convection Heating
    • Dual Use Capabilities
    • 4 Preset Temperatures, Plus 2 Customizable Options

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Since entering the vaporizer market in 2015 Ghost Vapes has put a premium on users experiencing the pure flavor of their dry herb and concentrates. Ghost Vapes looked at the top selling vaporizers and reverse engineered them to develop an elite device: by taking the best parts of the best vapes they were able to target exactly what consumers wanted. Through this process Ghost Vapes was able to produce on-demand, true convection heating for dry herb and concentrates.

Built to medical device standards, with only the highest quality materials used, Ghost Vapes produces elite portable vaporizers that are able to manufacture thick, flavorful vapor like that of desktop units. With features like app connectivity, no stirring needed, and the peace of mind knowing your material will never combust Ghost Vapes has already cemented itself as an industry leader in innovation and quality.