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Heater covers attach to the heating element of a desktop vaporizer to give users a tightly sealed connection for their vaporizer whip tubing. Vaporizer heater covers play the triplicate role of lowering vapor temperature by extending the vapor path, preserving flavor and aroma with their inert glass designs, and delivering a hands-free whip-style vaping experience. By lengthening the distance vapor must travel from your desktop vaporizer to your mouth, heat covers, in conjunction with medical-grade tubing, give vapor more time to cool off before it hits your lungs.

Vaporizer heater covers are generally made of high quality borosilicate glass. As the desktop vaporizer does its job, this highly inert material does not react chemically to heat as vapor passes through it. Rather than "rub off" on the flavor and aroma as plastic or metal might, glass presents extracts from herb and concentrates just as they're meant to taste and smell.