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  • Piece Water Solution, the 100% natural replacement to your basic tap water. This proprietary blend of all natural mineral, vegetable and fruit extracts coats the walls of your glass to act as a line of defense. Reduce the smell between water changes and spend less time cleaning your glass.
    • 12oz Bottle
    • 100% Natural
    • Deeper Pulls

    Special Price $9.99

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  • The Higher Standards Silicone Container offers a discreet, convenient way to store your concentrates. Featuring a unique quad-compartment design, you can store up to four different wax concentrates in separate segments.
    • High-Quality Silicone
    • Quad-Compartments
    • Non-Stick Surfaces

    Special Price $9.99

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  • Designed for dual-function cleaning, Higher Standards Pipe Stix cotton-tipped swabs unclog and clean your glass pipe with ease. One end features a premium cotton tip, while the other acts as a skewer for scraping away heavier residues and unclogging pathways.
    • Two-In-One Tool
    • Premium Cotton Tip
    • Skewer for Heavy Residue

    Special Price $5.99

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  • Consisting of 99% isopropyl alcohol, ISO Pure by Higher Standards quickly breaks down the toughest residues and buildup on glass pipes and more, ensuring a more elevated smoking experience.
    • 99% Isopropyl Alcohol
    • Deep Cleaning Action
    • Works with Glass, Metal, and Silicone

    Special Price $7.99

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  • Pipe Dreamz by Higher Standards are premium pipe cleaners for cleaning the toughest, hard-to-reach residue from your water pipe or dab rig.
    • 60 Pack
    • Fine-Bristles
    • Flexible

    Special Price $5.99

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  • Higher Standards Salt Rox is a premium rock salt for removing the toughest residue from your water pipe. Finely milled to a uniform grind for optimal abrasion, Salt Rox easily breaks down buildup to return a crystal clear look to your glass pipe.
    • Deep Cleaning Action
    • Finely Milled Granules of Rock Salt
    • Uniform Grind

    Special Price $9.99

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  • The Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit features a suite of essential products and tools for functional glass and vaporizer care.
    • One-Stop-Shop Kit
    • Pure Ingredients
    • Functional Design

    Special Price $29.99

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  • Higher Standards Tube Tops are an essential tool for perfecting the cleaning ritual of your water pipe. After you fill your pipe with a solution, these premium silicone plugs close up all openings to ensure spill-free cleaning.
    • Premium Silicone
    • Spill-Free
    • Airtight Seal

    Special Price $9.99

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  • This is a 3 pack of Genius Concentrate Discs for the Genius Pipe. These ceramic concentrate discs perfectly fit in the Genius Pipe bowl, enabling wax concentrate consumption. The Genius Concentrate Disc acts as a sponge to absorb waxy and liquid oils. The inert ceramic does not overreact to heat, extracting the essential flavors and aromas from wax concentrates. Expect smooth, flavorful, and clean-tasting dab hits from the Genius Pipe using the Genius Concentrate Discs.
    • 3 Pack
    • Medical Grade Ceramic
    • Excellent Integrity

    Special Price $19.99

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  • Higher Standards Dot Wipes are premium pre-soaked, textured alcohol wipes designed for tackling tougher residues found on glass pipes
    • Deep Cleaning Texture
    • Presoaked in 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
    • Soft Side for Polishing

    Special Price $11.99

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  • Designed for maximum filtration, Higher Standards Glass Tips make it easier, cleaner and more enjoyable to smoke rolled cigarettes.
    • Box of 6
    • Medical-Grade Glass
    • Smooth, Filtered Hits

    Special Price $15.99

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  • The Genius Carrying Pouch offers a discreet, protective way to carry the Genius Pipe with you anywhere. This durable, lightweight Genius Pipe case features a carabiner clip so you can easily attach it to your keys and more. The high quality nylon cover of the Genius Pipe Case folds back and attaches to a Velcro patch to double as a belt loop. The Genius Pipe Carrying Pouch features a soft, padded interior that protects the Genius Pipe. A zipper enables easy access to the Genius Pipe for quick hits on-the-go.
    • Nylon Front Cover
    • Padded Interior
    • Lightweight

    Special Price $19.99

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  • Higher Standards teamed with Blazer to bring you a premium edition of the legendary Big Shot Torch. Featuring a high-powered adjustable flame, this completely self-contained, refillable, and portable dab torch lets you master your dab sessions.
    • Adjustable Flame
    • Wear-Resistant Brass Nozzle
    • Refillable Tank

    Special Price $89.99

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  • This three-pack of MJ Arsenal Silicone Bumpers protects the MJ Arsenal Martian and King Toke bubblers with a high-grade silicone ring.
    • Three-Pack
    • High-Grade Silicone
    • Compatible with Martian and King Toke Bubblers

    Special Price $2.99

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  • Genius Pipe Evolution Slider is a welcome upgrade to the Classic Genius slider with easier packing, increased bowl size and improved airflow. When you slide the round opening of the Genius Evolution Slider over the bowl, the thickness of the slide adds more depth. Switch between the small and large opening based on the extent to which you'd like to burn the contents of the Genius Pipe bowl. You don't need to remove the entire Genius Evolution Slider to check if the bowl is spent. Just slide it to the large round opening to inspect the bowl. Genius Evolution Slider follows the 4th rule of Zen design, melding function with aesthetic with an intense focus on the essential.
    • Easy Loading
    • Deeper Bowl
    • High Grade Metal

    Special Price $24.99

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  • Introducing the Genius Evolution Slider, a new sliding piece for the Genius Pipe that enables easier access to the bowl, improved airflow, and more options for customizing your smoking sessions.

    Special Price $19.99

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Here you’ll find accessories for glass water pipes, hand pipes, and more. From glass bowls to pipe screens, concentrate pads and more, you’ll find a wide array of enhancements to enjoy a more potent experience from your pipe. Stock up on pipe parts and never wait to smoke when it’s time for a replacement. Buy a concentrate pad for your hand pipe and enjoy a whole new smoking experience with waxes and oils. Our selection of pipe accessories grows larger every day so you can find exactly the part you need.


This small but essential pipe part helps filter smoke for smoother hits. Pipe screens are generally affordable. They’re also easy to insert or remove from your glass pipe. The Genius Pipe screen, for example, simply fits into the bowl of the pipe. The average pipe screen is composed of metal mesh. As smoke travels through the tiny holes in the screen, harmful particulates are caught on the metal, purifying the hit.


For those who want to smoke wax and oils, concentrate pads can be doused in concentrates and inserted into the herb bowl. The G-Stone by Genius Pipe, for example, is a ceramic sponge that absorbs oil into its porous body. When the G-Stone is heated, the hot ceramic vaporizes concentrates to deliver powerful rips. As you light the bowl, the heat creates smoke infused with the active compounds found in wax concentrates. This is a much more potent experience than dry herb, and is generally enjoyed by experienced smokers.


The bowl is the heart of your glass water pipe. It is loaded with dry herb which is then lit in order to create smoke. Material and design both play a role in how a pipe bowl performs. The best bowls are made of glass or quartz, both of which are thermal resistant. Rather than react to heat, glass pieces like the Jane West bowl stay cool to preserve the best flavors and smoke profiles, making for a more comfortable, enjoyable hit.