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A wide selection of glass pipes are available from the world’s most popular smoking brands. From GRAV Labs’ masterful bongs to Famous Brandz’ pop-culture pipes down to the pocket-friendly Pyptek lineup, we offer an impressive array of glass pipes, water pipes, bubblers and more to accommodate every smoker. Choose between hand pipes, bongs, bubblers and even gravity bongs. Browse the latest offerings from leading glass pipe brands and go home with the perfect piece.


The legendary duo Cheech and Chong have teamed with Famous Brandz to merge modern functionality with a classic look and feel. This lineup includes glass water pipes for herb as well as dab rigs for wax and oil concentrates. Look out for an innovative percolator in each of these beautifully designed bongs, including showerhead percs and double bubblers. Sit back, relax, and watch your favorite dry herb strains and waxes go up in smoke.


Famous Brandz is making smoking fun again with a line of Trailer Park Boys bongs. Each TPB glass pipe bears the likeness of Sunnyvale Trailer Park’s most notorious residents, Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles. Made of high grade borosilicate glass with sleek black and white accents, the Famous Brandz TPB bongs feature large water chambers, long necks and big personalities. An ice pinch in each water pipe cools down hits for the smoothest rips in town.


In their lineup of rugged Prometheus hand pipes, Pyptek fused the smooth, flavorful hits of glass with an aerospace-grade aluminum exoskeleton. The result is one of the most durable, reliable, and high performance hand pipes in history. The Prometheus Pocket Pipe is built tough so it won’t break in your pocket, and yet it’s still compact and lightweight, perfect for on-the-go smoking. A glass air path and filter screen purify and cool hits with much more efficiency than the average hand pipe. For an even more portable experience, the Prometheus Nano provides the convenience and simplicity of a one-hitter with an extra-strength aluminum shell. Those who want to smoke on-the-go, but are tired of breakage and cracking will appreciate the sturdy brilliance of Pyptek Prometheus pipes.


GRAV Labs teamed with the leading women’s cannabis brand Jane West to dream up a line of glass pipes that are just as sleekly understated as they are powerful. The GRAV x Jane West pipes are made of high grade borosilicate glass in a stunning cobalt blue. These modern takes on classic pipes like the steamroller, beaker, and upright bubbler offer the simplicity and function of modern glass pipes with familiar designs. Jane West places a sophisticated touch on their GRAV pipes, offering an elevated lineup that will make a welcome addition to any smoker’s stash set.


Cannasseur Snoop Dogg knows how to smoke. And his lineup of intergalactic-themed glass water pipes shows it. Boasting interstellar designs like the sky-high Snoop Dogg POUNDS Rocketship or the large-and-in-charge Mothership, these out-of-this-world bongs make smoking an adventure to remember every time you light up. The Snoop Dogg POUNDS lineup consists of five premium glass water pipes, each offering a different size, shape and look with an advanced water filtration system that produces only the finest smoke quality.