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  • The Higher Standards Silicone Container offers a discreet, convenient way to store your concentrates. Featuring a unique quad-compartment design, you can store up to four different wax concentrates in separate segments.
    • High-Quality Silicone
    • Quad-Compartments
    • Non-Stick Surfaces

    Special Price $9.99

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  • The Eyce Spoon is the first indestructible hand pipe. Featuring a borosilicate glass bowl protected by a platinum-cured body, this durable yet pocket-friendly spoon pipe is ready for adventure.
    • Platinum-Cured Silicone Body
    • Borosilicate Glass Bowl
    • Stash Container

    Special Price $19.99

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  • The Head Choice Journey3 pipe is durable, non-toxic, and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand—making it the perfect pipe for on-the-go dry herb use. Its magnetic snap action lid provides an airtight seal that prevents spills and air leaks.
    • Simple 3-Piece Design
    • Magnetic Snap Action Lid
    • Filter Gap Technology

    Special Price $39.99

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  • Constructed from platinum-cured silicone, the Eyce Beaker delivers smooth vapor production, futuristic functionality, and zero risk of breakage if dropped. Featuring a sleek, futuristic build that's available in a number of captivating camo color combinations, this flexible yet powerful pipe looks and feels like a functional revolution.
    • Platinum-Cured Silicone
    • Impact-Resistant
    • Large Secret Container

    Special Price $69.99

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  • Boasting a completely original design and patented waterless filtration system, Genius Pipe is a loose leaf pipe of unprecedented ease-of-use and quality. Genius Pipe will fit in your pocket or purse, perfect for smoking on-the-go. Unlike bongs and bubblers, Genius Pipe cools and filters smoke using a waterless filter that doesn't water down the flavor and aroma of dry herb.
    • Waterless Filtration
    • Magnetic Attachments
    • Anodized Aluminum

    Special Price $89.95

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  • Pyptek Pocket Pipe combines the on-the-go rips of a glass hand pipe with the durability of aerospace-grade aluminum.
    • Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Shell
    • Borosilicate Glass Pipe and Bowl
    • Filter Screen

    Special Price $84.99

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  • The Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit features a suite of essential products and tools for functional glass and vaporizer care.
    • One-Stop-Shop Kit
    • Pure Ingredients
    • Functional Design

    Special Price $29.99

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  • Higher Standards Tube Tops are an essential tool for perfecting the cleaning ritual of your water pipe. After you fill your pipe with a solution, these premium silicone plugs close up all openings to ensure spill-free cleaning.
    • Premium Silicone
    • Spill-Free
    • Airtight Seal

    Special Price $9.99

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  • Hit the green with the Pitch-N-Puff Combo Pack by Puffingtons. Enjoy discreet puffs with the original Pitch-N-Puff one hitter, and keep your herb stealthy in the Bent Grass Ball Stash. A winning combination for golfers and connoisseurs.
    • Threaded Golf Ball Stash
    • Mini Golf Tee Pipe
    • Discreet Design

    Special Price $14.99

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  • The Heavy Duty Beaker by Higher Standards is designed for the optimal water filtration of dry herb. Handmade in the USA, the Beaker features extra-thick borosilicate glass that's durable and reliable.
    • 13" Height
    • USA Made
    • High Grade Borosilicate

    Special Price $159.99

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  • The Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe evokes the spirit and rhythm of Jamaica with a smoky tint and gold accents.
    • 1" H x 4.25" L x 2" W
    • Smoky Tint
    • Gold Decals

    Special Price $52.00

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  • One love, one hitter. Featuring a smoky tint with gold decals, the Marley Natural Smoked Glass Taster lets you carry the spirit, rhythm and pulse of Jamaica wherever life leads you.
    • 3.0" H x 0.50" D
    • Smoked Glass
    • Gold Decals

    Special Price $28.00

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  • The Marley Natural Spoon Pipe combines fine craftsmanship with functionality to deliver smooth, robust hits.
    • 2" H x 4.5" L x 1.20" D
    • Black Walnut Wood
    • 100% Borosilicate Glass Bowl

    Special Price $68.00

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  • MJ Arsenal Royale Mini Rig is an enhanced version of the classic "fab-egg" water pipe. Pocket-friendly yet powerful, the Royale merges traditional percolation with a touch of MJ Arsenal magic.
    • Fab-Egg Design
    • Miniature Size
    • 100% Borosilicate Glass

    Special Price $49.00

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  • The Eyce Hammer is an unbreakable bubbler pipe made of platinum-cured silicone. Durable, lightweight, and functional, this innovative silicone hand pipe features a snap-in borosilicate glass bowl that delivers smooth, flavorful hits.
    • Platinum-Cured Silicone
    • Hammerhead Design
    • Advanced Water Filtration

    Special Price $44.99

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  • Eyce is known for their indestructible hand pipes, bubblers, and beakers, but have no entered into the chillum game with the Eyce Shorty Taster.
    • Heat Resistant
    • Platinum-Cured Silicone
    • Borosilicate Glass Bowl

    Special Price $14.99

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Welcome to our Glass & Pipes By Price page. Here you’ll find the best glass water pipes, hand pipes, gravity pipes and more within a variety of price ranges to suit your budget. Whether you’re looking for an affordable way to enjoy dry herb on-the-go, a more premium smoking experience, or anything in between, our wide selection of glass water pipes and hand pipes offers something for everyone.

Best of the Best Glass Pipes

Our higher price ranges are home to the best pipes on the planet. Crafted with care and expertise, composed of the best materials, and designed with beauty and function in mind, these elite glass pipes offer the utmost in smoke quality, convenience, and reliability. New pipes from influential brands like GRAV Labs and Famous Brandz are constantly being added to our wide selection, making it easy to find a glass water pipe that fits your exact needs. The more money you invest in a water pipe or hand pipe, the more quality you’ll get in return. And this is the place to find that quality.

Mid-Ranged Glass Pipes

Not everyone wants to splurge. If you’re looking for a glass water pipe that delivers formidable rips but doesn’t break the bank, we offer mid-priced options with great smoke production, build quality, and usability at an affordable price. These pipes are built using quality materials like borosilicate glass and high grade metals, and feature advanced water-filtration systems and air-paths. You’ll enjoy the smooth, powerful rips of a glass water pipe while staying within your budget.

Best Cheap Pipes

Having a cheap glass pipe around can come in handy. If you’re out and about you can enjoy a quick rip on-the-go. If you’re traveling and don’t want to risk losing or breaking a more expensive glass pipe, a cheap pipe is a low-risk companion. Our lower price range offers an array of cheap glass pipes, from glass chillums to spoon pipes and steamrollers. You can find exactly the type of pipe to fit your lifestyle and budget.