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Find Cheap Glass Glass Pipes Today

For those on a budget, we offer a wide array of affordable glass pipes that boast pocket-friendly designs and old-school on-the-go hits without breaking the bank. These cheap pipes are a welcome addition to any herb aficionados arsenal, offering portability when a stay-at-home pipe or rig doesn’t rise to the occasion. Styles we stock include glass chillums, small and medium glass hand pipes, and more. Our selection of cheap glass pipes grows every day as more and more affordable yet high quality pieces hit the market.

Types of Affordable Pipes

A variety of cheap glass pipes is available for every smoker. Knowing what each type offers will help you pinpoint the best choice for your style of smoking.

Cheap Glass Chillum

A traditional pipe invented in India and used since at least the 18th century by Hindu monks, the chillum is a straight, cone-shaped device with an end-to-end airpath. Chillums come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For example, a water pipe chillum exists, taking its name, chalice, from the biblical book of Deuteronomy. Chillums can also vary greatly in size from mere inches to at least 8 feet in length. But the most popular kind is the glass chillum, a small, pocket-friendly device that usually features psychedelic or tribal coloring in its glasswork. The ergonomic shape, comfortable in your grip, and high-grade glass make for a compact yet reliable way to enjoy a straight blast of potent smoke on-the-go.

Cheap Spoon Pipes

The glass spoon is a widely used and much-loved cheap pipe. Shaped somewhat like a dining spoon with a bulbous bowl and straight stem, the glass spoon pipe hones smoking down to a simple science. For such a rudimentary device, the spoon pipe gives no shortage of control over your airflow. Most spoon pipes are equipped with an air carb, a tiny hole that can be held while lighting the bowl and released during inhalation to completely clear out the pipe. Some spoons even feature a spiraling airpath that cools smoke down before it’s inhaled. Cheap spoon pipes are a great option for those who want to smoke herb on a budget or who need an extremely pocket-friendly pipe.