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  • G Pen Nova by Grenco Science is a small vape with mighty functionality. Boasting universal 510-threaded compatibility, this sleek device allows you to conveniently load your concentrate are thread on a prefilled tank
    • 300mah Battery
    • Universal 510-Threading
    • Pass-Through Charging

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  • The G Pen Nova LXE Vaporizer is the updated version of the original Nova device. Grenco made the updated version a concentrate specific vaporizer that features a 100% ceramic atomizer, reverse airflow technology, and a variable voltage battery for full exploration of your material.
    • Full Ceramic Atomizer
    • Variable Voltage Battery: 3.2 V, 3.6 V, 4.1 V
    • Reverse Airflow Technology

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  • This is the original G Pen Micro G Vaporizer, which set the standard for all wax pen vaporizers. This limited edition dual set includes two complete units, perfect for couples or for those who want a backup unit.
    • Dual Set - 2 Full Units
    • High-Quality Atomizer
    • Easy to Use

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  • Grenco Science is proud to present the G Pen Vaporizer, a simple and convenient vaporizer for your favorite oils/concentrates. The G Pen is very easy to load, use and clean. Its pen style aesthetic makes it one of the most discreet portable vaporizers on the market. The G Pen’s virtually instant heat up time provides vapor enthusiasts with satisfying results at the push of a button.
    • Newest Model - 2017 Version
    • Dual Quartz Atomizers
    • Easy to Use

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Grenco Science specializes in portable vaporizers for dry herb and wax, often taking the vape pen form. A pioneer in the vaping industry, Grenco Science was the first vape manufacturer to market the tank system for oil concentrates, as seen in their G Pen Hookah, which would later become the standard method for liquid concentrate consumption. While each Grenco Science vaporizer boasts ease-of-use, vapor production, and ergonomics, Grenco Science has also taken an inspired approach to vape design by collaborating with Snoop Dogg, Phil Frost, Natalie Wood, Pizzanista, and more. Vaping with a Grenco Science vaporizer is not just an activity, but an experience. That's how Grenco Science became a leader in vape pens and portable vapes with their diverse lineup of G Pen vaporizers.

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Grenco Science are known for their compact yet powerful portable vaporizers. A Grenco Science vaporizer is characterized by a sleek, smooth design, often with a black rubberized exterior that feels comfortable in your grip and looks elegant. Grenco Science products are designed with convenience and portability in mind. A lineup of portable and pen-style Grenco Science vaporizers make vaping on your feet incredibly easy and gratifying. Ideal for commuters and home users alike, each Grenco Science vaporizer is solid, elegant, and performs like larger vapes at a fraction of the size.

Each Grenco Science Vaporizer has:

Ease-of-Use - Grenco Science knows that easy controls are essential for vaping on-the-go. If you can't quickly choose a temperature and start vaping, you'll miss little opportunities that your busy everyday life affords you, and waste precious time on your lunch break fiddling with your vaporizer interface. Grenco Science vaporizers like the G Pen Elite feature intuitively simple controls that anyone can pick up fast, enabling quick hits on-the-fly and an overall convenient experience. Just a few clicks, and your Grenco Science vaporizer will heat up in seconds.

Portability - Makers of the G Pen know that if you vape outdoors, portability matters. The smaller a vape is, the easier it is to carry, and more discreet it is to use in public. Each Grenco Science vapor epitomizes compactness. The G Pen Elite, for example, is incredibly small and lightweight (albeit it boasts features normally associated with larger vaporizers). Likewise, the G Slim vaporizer, of which there is a wax, dry herb, and oil model, is as slender as an office pen. Grenco Science vaporizers are crafted for commuters who want a stealthy, easy way to take hits during their busy day, or those who seek excellent vapor production from a smaller vape.

Excellent Vapor - Grenco Science vaporizers boast powerful heating systems that defy their compact size. G Pen Elite, for instance, features a ceramic herb chamber and convection heating system that vaporize dry herb without burning it, delivering smooth, flavor-rich hits. Likewise the G Pen Herbal vaporizer has a high quality heating coil that lasts longer and vapes herb efficiently. Grenco Science takes extra care to design vapes that are not just stealthy, but capable of delivering satisfying hits on-the-fly. Expect comfortable, intensely flavored vapor from your Grenco Science vaporizer, without sacrificing portability for vapor quality.


The most popular Grenco Science vaporizer is the G Pen, which comes in a variety of models: G Pen, G Pen Herbal, G Pen Elite, and G Pen MicroG. Like all Grenco Science vaporizers, G Pen units are portable, sleek, and easy-to-operate. Whether you prefer dry herb or wax, there's a G Pen vape for you, and that device will be compact enough to fit in your pocket and hide in your hand. Some G Pen vaporizers, like the G Pen Elite, have temperature controlled batteries with preset temps, others have precision temperature control so your G Pen will pinpoint the perfect temperature for your preferred dry herb strain and vapor profile. The G Pen is one of the most beloved Grenco Science vaporizers because anyone can use it, and for such a compact unit, it does what larger vaporizers do.


G Pen Elite is one of Grenco Science's crowning achievements. Extremely compact, elegantly designed, and intuitively easy-to-use, the G Pen Elite vaporizer does all the essentials--and better than many pricier vapes. While Grenco Science vaporizers like the G Pro and G Pen MicroG have preset temperatures, the G Pen Elite has precision temperature, enabling you to choose with laser accuracy the best temperature for your favorite vapor profile or dry herb strain. G Pen Elite features a ceramic heating chamber that vaporizes dry herb free of combustion. No smokiness. No harsh hits. Just smooth flavorful vapor. The G Pen Elite chamber is also non-stick, leaving little to clean up.

Unlike other portable vaporizers, G Pen Elite is incredibly easy to use. Just click the power button 5 times, then click the "up" or "down" buttons to toggle temperature to the individual degree. The G Pen Elite vape also lets you change between celsius and fahrenheit. Once you've chosen your preferred temp, G Pen Elite will take under 30 seconds to heat up, delivering delicious hits faster than the average vaporizer. The G Pen Elite vaporizer features an exceptionally deep herb chamber that holds up to 0.75 grams. Boasting an LED display, the G Pen Elite is easy to use, and produces vapor quality that defies its compact size.This Grenco Science vaporizer produces some of the best vapor in the industry by virtue of its advanced convection heating system.

The G Pen Elite vaporizer houses a convection heating system, rare among portable vaporizers. This is the secret to the quality vapor created by G Pen Elite. Unlike conduction units, which heat dry herb against the hot surface of the herb chamber, the G Pen Elite vape heats herb using hot air that vaporizes the bowl without burning it. The resulting draws are clean-tasting, comfortable to hit, and very tasty you'd expect from a Grenco Science vaporizer. You won't find many portable vaporizers with vapor productivity like the G Pen Elite, a vape that truly lives up to its name.

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Like the G Pen Elite, the G Pro is a Grenco Science vaporizer for dry herb that exhibits style and grace. G Pro is compact, ergonomic, and delivers tasty vapor on a par with the G Pen Elite vaporizer. But unlike G Pen Elite, the G Pro vaporizer features three temperature settings rather than precision temperature, so you can get your vape sessions started faster with a click of the button. The G Pro vape also features a stainless steel chamber, which is ideal for clean tasting vapor. Those who enjoy intensely flavored hits will love the G Pro, which boasts an impressively large chamber capacity for fewer loads and longer sessions. The G Pro vaporizer is perfect for vaping herb on-the-go. This Grenco Science vaporizer is compact like the G Pen Elite, but features a simpler single button control so you can take quick hits without fidgeting with the G Pro interface. The G Pro vaporizer is ideal for dry herb enthusiasts who enjoy vaping on-the-fly, or beginners who want a simple, solid vaping experience.


The most well-known Grenco Science vaporizer is the G Pen, a vape pen for waxy oil concentrates. In contrast to its cousin, the G Pen Elite, the G Pen is slim like an office pen, and designed specifically for waxes rather than dry herb. The G Pen simplifies dabs with an easy-to-use single button interface, and features a powerful dual quartz rod atomizer that preserves flavor while creating milky clouds. Like other Grenco Science vaporizers, G Pen is constantly updated to ensure cutting edge vaporization. And it's one of the few vaporizers that can heat in just 5 seconds, enabling quick hits. The G Pen is a Grenco Science vaporizer for waxy oil enthusiasts who want simplicity, delicious vapor, and a sleek style.


Grenco Science works with artists to deliver uniquely designed vapes that vape great and look great. Artists such as Snoop Dogg, Phil Frost, Natalie Wood, and the skate/pizza bar Pizzanista have made their own versions of Grenco Science vaporizers such as G Pen Elite, G Slim, and more! These special edition Grenco Science vaporizers are adorned with the artwork of famous painters, rappers, and skateboarders, giving them a unique look and feel that enhances the overall experience of vaping. Grenco Science artist collaborations give you the high level vapor production of vapes like the G Pen Elite with an artistic flare.


Professional skateboarder Salman Agah collaborated on a Grenco Science vaporizer called the G Slim Pizzanista, a vape pen for skateboarders that's named after Agah's pizza shop. Slimmer than Grenco Science vaporizers like the G Pen Elite and G Pro, the G Slim Pizzanista boasts exceptional portability for an active lifestyle. The pizza sauce red, rubberized exterior looks brilliant and feels comfy in your grip. The G Slim Pizzanista comes in a boldly designed pizza box with a Pizzanista rolling tray, grinder card, and magnets. This Grenco Science vaporizer has the rare quality of being compatible with dry herb, wax, and oil concentrates. G Slim Pizzanista comes with tanks for ground material, waxy oils, and oily concentrates. This radical vape pen continues the Grenco Science tradition of vapes for every lifestyle, this time skateboarding.


The most well-known Grenco Science vaporizer is the G Pen, a vape pen for waxy oil concentrates. In contrast to its cousin, the G Pen Elite, the G Pen is slim like an office pen, and designed specifically for waxes rather than dry herb. The G Pen simplifies dabs with an easy-to-use single button interface, and features a powerful dual quartz rod atomizer that preserves flavor while creating milky clouds. Like other Grenco Science vaporizers, G Pen is constantly updated to ensure cutting edge vaporization. And it's one of the few vaporizers that can heat in just 5 seconds, enabling quick hits. The G Pen is a Grenco Science vaporizer for waxy oil enthusiasts who want simplicity, delicious vapor, and a sleek style.


It's rare to find a vape specifically for women. But Grenco Science delivered a portable vape for good girls gone bad with the G Pen Elite Badwood, a bold and lovely vape designed by LA-based artist Natalie Wood. The G Pen Elite Badwood vaporizer features Wood's edgy tattoo-parlor stylings on the exterior, and comes in a clutch bag bedecked with her signature Ski Mask Girl. G Pen Elite Badwood comes with artist designed stickers, lip tattoos, a grinder card, and adhesive bandages--everything you need for a girl's night out to remember. Like the original G Pen Elite, the Badwood vaporizer features precision temperature control, simple controls, and amazing vapor production. This Grenco Science vaporizer features a true convection heating system that vaporizes dry herb with hot air instead of hot surfaces, extracting with efficiency every flavor note and aroma from each bowl. Like a fresh tattoo, the G Pen Elite Badwood makes it feel good to be bad!


Rapper Snoop Dogg designed the G Pen Snoop Dogg herbal vaporizer, and its stealthier counterpart, the G Slim Snoop Dogg, for one reason alone--so dry herb lovers could enjoy delicious vapor on-the-go and in-style. This G Pen by Grenco Science features a rubberized exterior decorated with a street map of Snoop Dogg's Los Angeles hometown. The G Pen Snoop delivers clean-tasting, delicious hits from your favorite strains. As Snoop Dogg said about his partnership with Grenco Science vaporizers, "What's fly about the vaporizer movement is it's clean and convenient." Just a few clicks and you can enjoy vapor in a rapid 9 seconds, ideal for vaping spur-of-the-moment outdoors. This stylish Grenco Science vaporizer is one of the most compact and solid Grenco Science vaporizers next to the G Pen Elite.


Whether you vape wax, herb, or oil, there's a Grenco Science vaporizer to meet your preference. Most Grenco Science vaporizers are compatible with a specific type of material. Some of are compatible with multiple materials.


  • Grenco Science vaporizers are portable and perfect for vaping on your feet. If you're looking for a desktop vaporizer for home use only, check out our desktop vapes page.
  • With Grenco Science vaporizers for dry herb such as the G Pen Elite, we recommend grinding dry herb finely. This creates more surface area for the heating chamber to contact, which makes for thorough vaporization.
  • We suggest cleaning your Grenco Science vaporizer chamber once weekly to maintain its longevity. Isopropyl alcohol and a q-tip will do. Grenco Science vaporizers also come with a cleaning brush.