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  • Handcrafted with care, this 20 pack of 110mm cones is designed for use with the OTTO™ grinder and automatic rolling machine. Made of 100% all-natural raw fiber, banana bros.™ OTTO cones offer slow and balanced burning with pure-tasting flavor and aroma.
    • 20 Pack
    • 110mm
    • Designed for the OTTO Grinder

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  • The OTTOtm by banana is the first ever all-in-one smart milling machine, capable of finely grinding your dry herb and filling the perfect joint in mere seconds. Boasting patented SMART technology, the OTTO senses the consistency of its contents and automatically adjusts its movement to deliver the perfect grind.
    • All-In-One-Tool
    • Grinds Herb and Fills Cones Rapidly
    • Smart Milling Machine

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  • The Volcano Grinder (Herb Mill) features extra sharp teeth for efficient grinding of your favorite herbs. We highly recommend grinding your herbs when using the Volcano Vaporizer for the best vapor production possible.

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  • Performing just like a 2-Piece grinder but with an added storage compartment, the Aerospaced 3 Piece Acrylic Grinder makes grinding on the go easy.
    • Storage Compartment
    • 3-Piece Design
    • High-Grade Acrylic

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  • The Volcano Acrylic Grinder XL is one of the largest herb grinders available. Boasting solid German engineering by Storz & Bickel, the Volcano Acrylic Grinder XL has an exceptionally large 90mm herb chamber for grinding bigger amounts of dry herb. The high grade plastic design is knurled for added grip, and transparent so you know through every twist the extent to which your load has been ground. The Volcano Acrylic Herb Grinder XL is an essential tool for preparing loose leaf herb for vaporization.
    • High-Grade Plastic
    • Large Chamber
    • German Engineering

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  • Crafted from solid and lightweight aluminum, the rugged and reliable Aerospaced 2 Piece Metal Grinder thoroughly crushes material for thorough, even vaporization.
    • 40mm
    • Pocket-Friendly
    • Anodized Aluminum

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  • The 2-Piece Acrylic Grinder is constructed using a ultra strong poly-carbonate acrylic designed for non-slip action. This grinder is easy to hold and has shark tooth nails inside for easy shredding action to produce fine ground material. We strongly recommend using a grinder for every vaporizer because it improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the vaporization process.

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  • The medium 2-Piece Santa Cruz Shredder offers an upgraded design that's more efficient and easy-to-use than the average grinder. Crafted from ultrasonically cleansed anodized aluminum, the medium Santa Cruz Shredder grinder offers long-lasting performance and a unique tooth pattern that ensures a finer grind.
    • Medical-Grade Anodized Aluminum
    • Friction Ring & Textured Grip
    • 2 ⅛" Diameter

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  • Featuring an ultrasonically cleansed, medical-grade anodized aluminum design and a tooth pattern engineered for maximum shredding, the large 2-Piece Santa Cruz Shredder delivers finely ground dry herb with a few twists.
    • Medical-Grade Anodized Aluminum
    • Friction Ring & Textured Grip
    • 2 ¾" Diameter

    Special Price $43.50

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  • Manufactured from the finest Rosewood, this 2-piece wooden grinder is manufactured to the highest standards and made with ultra strong grinding pins. Unlike other cheap wooden grinders, this grinder is manufactured from Solid Rosewood to maintain the best quality and lightness and has an incredible high lacquer finish.

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  • Boasting a cop mustache that demands respect, this collector's edition OTTO™ Grinder by banana bros.™ is inspired by the cult classic "Super Troopers." This first-ever smart grinder and mill automatically grinds herb AND fills the perfect cone with authority.
    • Limited Edition 'Super Troopers' Design
    • Grinds Herb AND Fills Cones
    • Smart Mill

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  • The Rocket Grinder is a compact, multi-functional accessory with a built-in keychain making it easy to take anywhere. This innovative design combines a grinder, storage container and one-hitter into a single product. Constructed from stainless steel and leather, the Rocket Grinder it is as elegant as it is practical.
    • Magnetic Connection
    • Funnel Design
    • Built-in Keychain

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  • The small 2-Piece Santa Cruz Shredder is a pocket-friendly but powerful grinder that offers the ultimate in shredder technology. Crafted in the USA from medical-grade anodized aluminum, the small Santa Cruz Shredder grinder has been improved upon over the years to offer high-level grinding every session.
    • Medical-Grade Anodized Aluminum
    • Friction Ring & Textured Grip
    • 1 5/8" Diameter

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What does an Herb Grinder Do?

An herb grinder, also known as a grinder, is a cylindrical device that breaks dry herb down to finer granules so they vaporize or burn more efficiently. Grinders generally consist of two pieces, a top and bottom half, which come part so you can load dry herb inside. These halves have sharp teeth inside them, so that when they are put together and twisted in opposite directions, they grind the dry herb loaded inside them down to a finer consistency.

Available in a wide array of styles, grinders serve a variety of purposes, though the main function is preparing dry herb to be vaped or smoked properly. These devices are essential to your vaping or smoking experience. They offer a faster, more effective way to granularize nuggets, which profoundly enhances vapor quality. They also separate herb from stems and seeds so you can pick them out easier.

For those on a budget, grinders also cut costs by helping you attain the most effects from each bowl, ensuring the most cost-effective vaping experience. The best herb grinders thoroughly break down dry herb and collect any fallen pollen (also known as kief) using a compartment at the bottom of the device called a kief catcher.

Preparing Dry Herb for Vaporization

The main function of an herb grinder is preparing dry herb in such a way that it will be more thoroughly vaporized or burned in the herb chamber. By breaking dry herb down to smaller granules, herb grinders leave more surface area with which heat can make contact. More material is vaporized, meaning more compounds are activated, which results in higher potencies, richer flavors, and lovelier aromas. But there’s more to herb grinders than what they do for your dry herb. There’s also what they do for you.

Herb Grinders Save You Money

When herb is not finely ground, heat only makes contact with the surface of large chunks, leaving their interior untapped and wasted. In other words, if you don’t use a grinder, you don’t get your money’s worth. By grinding your herb, you can break up these larger pieces into smaller granules so heat can touch more surface area, extracting the most possible vapor from your herb. Using a grinder can save you thousands of dollars each year by ensuring you get the most out of each granule of dry herb.

Collecting Kief with a Grinder

A secondary function of some devices (particularly three-piece or four-piece grinders) is pollen collection. When dry herb is ground up, tiny sticky crystals fall off. A three-piece grinder features a screen in the center compartment that catches pieces of herb as the crystals fall through, collecting in the bottom compartment. This “pollen,” also known as kief or dry sift, is made up of tiny hairs from the resin glands of herb, which carry the cannabinoids that make this plant so unique. When ground up, kief becomes powdery. It also boasts a variety of benefits, including exceptionally potent rips, which is why it’s smart to collect it using an herb grinder.

Types of Grinders

All grinders have the same essential function of making dry herb easier to vaporize or smoke. But they come in a variety of types that offer additional capabilities. Herb grinders also vary from device to device in their efficiency at grinding herb. And each device can be made of various materials that offer different experiences. Understanding what each type offers is the key to unlocking the type of vaping or smoking experience you seek, whether you’re looking for a basic, easy-to-use device or a more advanced unit with extra functionality.

Two Piece Grinder

The most basic device is the two-piece grinder, making them easier to use than more advanced units. Consisting of two halves (top and bottom) that combine to form a twistable compartment, this unit offers a basic grinding experience that’s easy to use. Both components feature sharp teeth or pegs on their interiors. When the two pieces are combined and twisted, herb is crushed by the interweaving sets of teeth. The 2-piece grinder isn’t as efficient as say, a 3 or 4-piece device, but it will get the job done. It is also generally easier to use and more affordable.

Three Piece Grinder

Featuring a tri-layered structure, a three piece grinder adds a bottom compartment below the grinding chamber that collects kief. As you grind herb, larger pieces are caught on the floor of the grinding compartment, which features small holes through which only kief, a fine cannabinoid-rich powder, falls. A third piece, the bottom compartment, collects kief. Three piece grinders make it easier to collect kief, which can then be sprinkled on your bowls or consumed separately from dry herb for a smoother, more potent experience.

Four Piece Grinder

For those who want a device that can automatically eject dry herb from the chamber and collect kief, a four piece grinder is the way to go. These pieces generally grind as smoothly as butter and make pollen collection profoundly easier than with simpler grinders. On the other hand, they’re usually larger than two or three piece devices, making them less portable. They are also more of a challenge to assemble, though after you’ve passed the initial learning curve the process should become seamless. 4-piece herb grinders are for the true herb enthusiast who wants complete control over their kief collection, and a smoother, more thorough grind.

What are Herb Grinders Made of?

Just like vaporizers and pipes, grinders for herb can feature a number of high grade materials. Each material offers a different experience that can affect performance, longevity, portability, durability and more. Knowing what each material offers will help you make the best decision when buying a grinder. If you’re on a budget, for example, some materials are more affordable than others. On the other hand, if you have money to invest in a better grinder, certain materials offer a top notch grinding experience.

Acrylic Grinders

Extremely lightweight, acrylic grinders offer a profoundly portable experience. They do however tend to lack in efficient grinding, especially when they feature acrylic teeth instead of metal. Acrylic devices usually come in a variety of colors, making them a vibrant addition to your vaping sessions. This is a great option for beginners or those who don’t want to break the bank to grind their herb.

Wood Grinders

Lightweight yet solid, wooden herb grinders are perfect for portable use. They aren’t very heavy, yet they can withstand the wear and tear of travel. Their teeth are generally made of metal which protrudes from the wooden interior of the top and bottom piece. Wooden grinders generally fall into the middle price range between acrylic and metal devices. These units are perfect for on-the-go use when you’re on a budget but want quality that’s a step above acrylic.

Metal Grinders

Without a doubt, metal grinders are the most efficient, long lasting, and durable herb grinders. In addition, most three-piece and four-piece grinders are made of metal since a more solid build quality ensures all the moving parts work together seamlessly. While metal grinders are more expensive, they’re worth the price, delivering a smoother grind every time.

What’s the Best Type of Grinder for You?

The variety of functions and form of grinders can seem intimidating. However, it’s as simple as finding the best type of grinder for your own preference. When considering the best grinder for you, think about where you will be using it and what amount and what size is appropriate for the dry herb that you consume:

  • If you’re primarily grinding large quantities of dry herb for use at home, a larger, 4 piece style grinder may be best for you.
  • If you roll or smoke, a 2-piece grinder may be perfect as it will allow you to enjoy the pollen and entirety of your herbal blends at the time of grinding.
  • If you are constantly on the go or want to take a grinder with you, a smaller sized grinder will make the unit more portable.
  • If you need a discreet option, stray away from acrylic grinders or grinders with viewing chambers.

What Size Herb Grinder Should I Get?

What sized herb grinder you get should be dictated by how much you smoke or vape. You don’t want to keep dry herb in your grinder for more than a day or two. This will ensure that your herbs stay fresh.

When the herb is ground, it is much more susceptible to losing moisture. It’s also important to note that most grinders are not airtight. This will release smells and lead your herb to become dry if left for long periods of time. If you require an airtight grinder, check out options fromTightvac.

What is the Best Herb Grinder?

Four-piece grinders are widely regarded as the best option for regular users of dry herb. Four-piece grinders are preferred for their efficiency, solid construction and pollen collection capabilities. Four-piece grinders are constructed from more sturdy materials and will stand up to long-term use and abuse.

For those looking for a more portable option, theHerbivore 2-piece grinder is one of the best options. This grinder packs the quality and performance of a four-piece grinder into a smaller package. Featuring durable aluminum construction and a form factor which is friendly for pockets or stashing.

How Does an Herb Grinder Work?

Different types of grinders work differently and offer various features. However, the main principle of an herb grinder is essentially the same. Multiple sharp surfaces combined with friction work to break down herb into a smaller, more functional state.

Herb grinders maximize your herb by increasing the surface area. With a larger surface are the heat will more evenly extract vapor or smoke from your dry herbal materials. More efficient delivery of your dry herb will benefit all users whether you enjoy your herbs in a vape, a pipe or water pipe, even rolled methods.

Four-piece herb grinders take this function a step further. These types of grinders add a grinding layer, a sieve layer, and a pollen collection compartment. As the herb is ground by the teeth of the grinder, it falls from the grinding layer to the sieve. This ensures that it has been ground to optimal size. The sieve allows pollen to fall to the collection layer. This extremely potent and flavorful pollen may be vaped or used in baking or pressed into rosin.

Grinder Tips and Tricks

While the use of a grinder is straightforward, there are some techniques which will increase your enjoyment. Use these tips to get the most out of your portable herb grinder.

Grind Finely and Pack Bowl Tightly

Always grind herb as finely as you can, and pack tightly with a press. This is especially important when using conduction style vaporizers or combustion methods.

If using a hand pipe, you can avoid getting ground herb in your mouth by placing a larger piece of herbal material into the bowl and adding the ground material on top.

How to collect more pollen

Pollen will naturally collect in a four-piece grinder. However, you can increase the rate at which it collects. Place a nickel or quarter in the sieve layer of the grinder. The weight and movement of the coin will collect more pollen. Simply keep the coin in your grinder and give your grinder a shake after every grind. This will also make loading your desired consumption device less messy.

How to keep your grinder from smelling

If you need to keep your stash discreet, there are some methods to reduce the smell.

Only Grind the Herb you Need - If you only grind just enough herb for your session, you won’t have a mound of freshly ground, aromatic grass filling the room with suspicious odor. Keeping herb in your grinder will make it smell more and leave more residue. To prevent your grinder from smelling, keep your herb in an airtight container until grinding.

Clean your grinder - Cleaning your grinder regularly with isopropyl alcohol or boiling water will cut down on the smell.

Keep a stash bag - Place your herb container, grinder, and pipe or vape into a bag or container, add cedar strips to cut down on heavy smells.