Haze Technologies

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  • The Haze Square Pro is the first vaporizer to feature an all-in-one quad chamber that allows easy transition between oils, herbs, and wax concentrates.
    • Rotating Quad Chamber
    • USB-C Input for Fast Charging and Programming
    • App Control

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  • The Haze Square is the first ever quad chamber vaporizer, offering on-demand convection heating with all-in-one compatibility with dry herb, concentrates, and liquids.
    • Rotating Quad Chamber
    • Easily Switches Materials
    • Compatible with Herb, Wax, Liquid

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Get Cloudy With Haze Technologies

Cloud technologies is a modern, portable vaporizer company, currently creating the third iteration of their flagship Haze Vaporizer. The evolution has clearly paid off, crafting a portable vaporizer with wide midecinal compatibility and streamlined design. The Haze Vaporizer utilizes dual heating chambers, allowing the vaporization of dry herb or wax and concentrates. The heating chamber and wax atomizer area easitly accessed by opeing the door on the side fo the vaporizer, making loading a straightforward affair. The unit heats up in around Ninety seconds, so you don't have to wait to vape.

The Vaporizer, Evolved

With the recent advancement s in vaporizer technology, vapers are able to pack some serious power in their pocket. The Haze vaporizer is no exception, this portable vaporizer stays ahead of the curve with modern tech to maintain usability for years ahead. Haze Technologies believes in their tech so much, they even offer a ten year warranty with all haze vaporizers. The glass mouthpiece makes for flavorful heat, and the LED indicators make it easy to see what temperature you're heating at. The Haze has been engineered to withstand heavy shocks and extreme temperatures, so it is fit for any adventure you'll take it on.