Heating Chambers

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  • The KandyPens Glass Oil Tank (Chrome) is a stylish and functional tank for vaping oil concentrates on-the-go. The inert all-glass design of the KandyPens Oil Tank preserves the essence of your favorite oil concentrates for flavorful, aromatic, and potent hits.
    • Chrome Mouthpiece
    • All-Glass Tank
    • Easy-to-Use

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  • This is a replacement tank for the Pulsar APX Wax vaporizer. It is constructed with a solid ceramic heating chamber and features a quartz triple coil atomizer.
    • Quartz
    • Triple Coil
    • Solid Ceramic Chamber

    Special Price $27.99

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  • This is a replacement herbal tank for the G Slim Vaporizer, made specifically for dry material.
    • For Dry Blends
    • Atomizer Included

    Special Price $9.95

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  • This is the replacement Pulsar APX Smoker Replacement Atomizer. Designed for dry herb consumption, the Pulsar APX Smoker Atomizer features ceramic power pads and a quartz heating chamber that deliver robust and flavor-rich hits. The ceramic pad is extra conductive for deliciously smoky hits, and the quartz-lined chamber is inert, extracting the essential flavors of your loose leaf herb with efficiency. Attaching the Pulsar APX Smoker Replacement Atomizer to the Pulsar APX Smoker electric pipe is fast and easy. The Pulsar APX Smoker Atomizer enables rapid pulse heating and heat up times for quick hits on-the-fly.
    • Ceramic Padding
    • Quartz Chamber
    • Robust Draws

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  • It's time for a new breed of wax vaporizer and that is exactly what was born with the Pulsar Barb Fire Wax Atomizer. This state-of-the-art design utilizes a dual twisted Kanthal ribbon around a quartz rod to achieve an ultra fast rate of heating. Instantaneous vapor.
    • Dual Twisted Ribbon Kanthal Wrapped Quartz Coil
    • Ceramic Coated Chamber
    • Four Levels of Adjustable Air Flow

    Special Price $44.99

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  • This is a replacement cartridge for the Atmos Magna vaporizer that includes both atomizer styles, the dual and single quartz coil.
    • Two Atomizers (Dual and single coil quartz)
    • Magnetic Chamber Cover
    • Glass Mouthpiece

    Special Price $14.95

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  • This new Chamber Reducer from Storz & Bickel is specifically designed for the popular Plenty vaporizer., and significantly reduces the size of the chamber, allowing you to pack less herb per session.
    • Compatible w/ Plenty Vaporizer
    • Can Be Used w/ Dosing Capsules
    • Reduces Size of Plenty Filling Chamber

    Special Price $12.90

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  • The Honey Stick Oz Ohm Dry Herb Tank converts your sub-ohm mod into a dry herb and wax concentrate vaporizer, delivering impressively large clouds of intensely flavorful vapor. Compatible with any mod battery, the Honey Stick Oz Ohm Dry Herb Tank lets you vape your favorite strains and waxes with the precision temperature control of a mod. Unlock new flavor notes and aromas. Explore lung-expanding clouds at higher temperatures. And enjoy sweet vapor on-the-go with the Honey Stick Oz Ohm Dry Herb Tank.
    • 510 Threaded
    • 22mm Diameter
    • Pyrex Glass Tank

    Special Price $39.99

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  • This new Filling Chamber Reducer for the Volcano's Easy Valve Filling Chamber allows you to vaporizer smaller amounts of herb during your sessions.
    • Reduces Size of Filling Chamber
    • Can Be Used w/ Dosing Capsules
    • Compatible w/ Volcano Easy Valve

    Special Price $12.90

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  • The Yocan Cerum Atomizer is a wax dab attachment compatible with 510 threaded batteries. The Yocan Cerum comes with two dual coil quartz rod atomizers, but a ceramic coilless atomizer is available separately. The mouthpiece connects via a rubber grommet for a hassle-free, no-threading experience. The Yocan Cerum features a top cap, also connected via rubber grommet, that keeps your waxy oils from spilling out of the atomizer. Yocan Cerum atomizers feature porcelain builds with medical-grade chambers and coils. The quartz atomizers deliver big, lung-expanding clouds of flavorful vapor from wax concentrates. The Yocan Cerum vaporizer is a high-quality dab attachment for waxy oil enthusiasts who want the best vapor from their product. Suggested wattage is 15W-25W.
    • Crystal Quartz Technology
    • 510-threaded
    • Rubber Grommets

    Special Price $19.99

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  • This APX Wax Tank serves as a replacement to the tank that is included with the APX vaporizer from Pulsar. Constructed from stainless steel, this tank is suitable for any type of wax concentrates, including shatter, crumble and BHO. Get ready to enjoy dabs for days!
    • Stainless Steel
    • Easy to Clean Design
    • For Solid Concentrates & Waxy Oils

    Special Price $8.99

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  • This is the replacement Grenco Science microG Quartz Tank for the microG vaporizer. Fitted with a high grade quartz coil, the microG Replacement Quartz Tank vaporizes wax efficiently to preserve the essential flavors of waxy oil concentrates. The microG Quartz Tank is threaded for easy attachment. Ideal for quick hits on-the-go, the Grenco Science microG Replacement Quartz Tank has a durability index of 6 to 8 weeks, longer than the average atomizer.
    • Quartz Coil
    • Deep Chamber
    • Durable

    Special Price $9.95

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  • This is the replacement Honey Stick Oz Ohm Coil for the Honey Stick Oz Ohm Dry Herb Tank. The heating plate is encased in lab-tested, food-grade ceramic that preserves the flavor of your dry herb and waxy oil concentrates. The ceramic heating plate is inert and does not react to heat, reducing combustion for smoother hits. The Honey Stick Oz Ohm Replacement Coil features a 0.5ohm resistance coil that produces large vapor clouds. 510-threading makes it easy to remove or attach the replacement Honey Stick Oz Ohm Coil.
    • Ceramic Encased Heating Plate
    • 0.5ohm Resistance Coil
    • 510-Threading

    Special Price $14.99

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  • Vaping liquid concentrates on-the-fly is easy with the KandyPens Glass Oil Tank in stylish Rose Gold. Enjoy the essential flavors, aromas, and benefits of oil concentrates on-the-go.
    • Ergonomic Mouthpiece
    • Glass Tank
    • Easy Refills

    Special Price $11.95

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  • This is a replacement herb chamber for the newest version of the Vapir Rise, Version 2.0.

    Special Price $14.99

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  • Are you looking for the most advanced concentrate vaporizer? Well, KandyPens has delivered just that with the Pearl attachment. This is a next generation ceramic sub-ohm atomizer designed with a dual heating atomizer. That equals larger clouds and more efficient vaporization.
    • Dual Layer Heating System
    • 510 Threaded
    • Pyrex Mouthpiece

    Special Price $49.95

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  • This is a replacement magnetic bowl with stainless steel interior, and CoolGrips silicon exterior. It magically snaps into place and is perfectly sized to extract the most from your herbs.

    Special Price $69.95

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  • The Micro Vaped Nectar Collector Attachment is the ultimate glass attachment. Take dabs dipstick style with a torch or attach to a vape pen. The Micro Vaped Nectar Collector cools hits before they reach your palate. Dynamic and easy-to-use, the Micro Vaped Nectar Collector Attachment is compatible with quartz, ceramic and titanium heating tips, or 510 batteries when used as a vape pen attachment.
    • Borosilicate Glass
    • Dipstick Style Dabber
    • Vape Pen Attachment

    Special Price $59.99

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  • The Source RAW Heating Chamber is compatible with either dry herbs or waxy oils and features 510 threading. It includes a ceramic screen, spring, filter, mouthpiece and chamber connector. Note: Features 510 threading.

    Special Price $19.99

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  • The Kiln from Atmos is the new cutting-edge wax heating attachment. Compatible with electronic box mods and other 510 threaded batteries, the Kiln allows you to turn your e-juice mod into a powerful portable dab rig! Constructed from pure ceramic, the Kiln utilizes an advanced wickless/coilless ceramic heating disc designed to vaporize your favorite wax concentrates evenly and efficiently.
    • 510 Threaded
    • 100% Ceramic
    • No Wicks or Coils

    Special Price $39.95

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  • The G Pen Herbal Tank is compatible with dry herbs and comprised of a stainless steel outer encasement and a scientifically-hardened glass sleeve. It's works with the G Pen battery and includes a cleaning brush and the tank itself.

    Special Price $29.95

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  • This replacement cartridge kit for the Roil wax pen vaporizer from #ThisThingRips includes two Coil-less Ceramic Ring atomizers, as well as a blue XL polycarbonate visual heating chamber, discreet pen cap and mouthpiece.
    • 510 Threaded
    • Coil-less Ceramic
    • Includes 2 Atomizers

    Special Price $39.99

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  • This a replacement Volcano Plenty Filling Chamber for the Plenty Vaporizer. The Volcano Plenty Filling Chamber has a chamber diameter that is optimized for dry herb vaporization. A bayonet lock makes for easy opening and a securely fastened lock while in use. The Volcano Plenty Chamber is built by Storz & Bickel with precision German engineering from high grade materials for optimal performance and easy handling.
    • Large Chamber
    • Bayonet Lock
    • Easy Handling

    Special Price $24.90

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  • The Source Orb XL V2 Attachment is a 510-threaded chamber with a magnetically connected lid, solid stainless steel 303 build, and compatibility with over 20 different atomizers. An upgraded variable airflow system allows you to seamlessly toggle draw resistance for smaller, moderate or larger hits. The Source Orb XL V2 attachment comes with 3 concentrate atomizers: a quad coil black ceramic, all-ceramic coilless, and quartz coilless with a removable bucket. This futuristic wax atomizer attachment offers the height of convenience, vapor quality, and style.
    • Magnetic Lid
    • Variable Airflow
    • Compatible with 20+ Atomizers

    Special Price $59.95

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Dry Herb and Concentrate Vaporization

Heating chambers provide the temperatures necessary to extract the essentials from your dry herb and concentrates. These are designed to prevent combustion from occurring in your vape pen or portable vaporizer. Heating chambers can be designed for dry herb or more waxy/oily substances. The modular nature of vaporizers allows for easy repair and replacement of parts. If you're looking to restore functionality or add features you'll have no problem finding a compatible piece for your wax pen, vape pen, or portable vaporizer.