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  • The GRAV Helix Classic Hand Pipe puts an elegant spin on the familiar spoon head design of classic pipes. A Venturi chamber with three intake holes spins smoke to deliver cooler hits.
    • NOTE: Label Colors Vary
    • Borosilicate Glass
    • Venturi Chamber Mouthpiece

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  • The GRAV Helix Flare Base is a 8.75" water pipe that brings a whole new smoking experience to the table. Boasting a beautifully designed look with a sturdy flared base, this elegant glass water pipe spins and injects air for cooler hits.
    • NOTE: Label Colors Vary
    • Flared Base
    • 8.75" Height

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  • This is a 5 pack of GRAV Helix Chillum pipes. The Chillum is a compact and elegant 3" hand pipe with a Venturi mouthpiece that spins smoke to cool it down. Made on 19mm tubing, the Chillum pipe features a taster head the delivers flavor-rich rips.
    • 5 Pack
    • Venturi Chamber Mouthpiece
    • Roll Stop

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  • The GRAV Helix Hammer Bubbler is a compact 6" glass water pipe that delivers the smooth and potent hits of a bong with a smaller, more manageable size. A Venturi chamber mouthpiece includes three air holes that circulate smoke to cool each hit before inhalation.
    • NOTE: Label Colors Vary
    • 6" Length
    • 32mm Tubing

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  • The GRAV Helix Mini Hand Pipe is a fresh take on the spoon head glass herb pipe, boasting the same familiar design with advanced functionality.
    • NOTE: Label Colors Vary
    • Venturi Chamber Mouthpiece
    • Spins and Cools Hits

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GRAV Labs pioneered the development of the Helix pipe, which features a unique braided airpath that spins smoke to cool each hit. As you inhale, air is added through three intake holes in the Venturi chamber mouthpiece. The added air reduces waste and makes for comfortable draws. Glass helix pipes offer some of the best smoke quality available.

Recently GRAV Labs improved upon their Helix pipes to offer even more functionality. These redesigns enhance the Helix pipe experience to deliver the best clouds to date. GRAV Helix Pipes include hand pipes, chillums, bubblers, and water pipes. With a Helix pipe for every style of smoking, there’s something for everyone.


The mark of every GRAV Helix pipe is its Venturi chamber. This glass structure cools and smooths smoke by spinning it as the user takes a draw. Fresh air is sucked into the chamber through three intake holes, aerating smoke for a cooler hit. GRAV makes sure to angle their intake holes properly so that incoming air takes the formation of a spiral. This gives smoke more time to cool off as it makes contact with cool air. It also provides a higher air to smoke ratio for smoother inhales. For the smoker on a budget, Helix pipes conserve plant matter. Because air is added to each hit, less herb is combusted. Each draw is also easier for your lungs to absorb, since they are not designed to consume pure clouds of smoke.


Helix pipes come in all shapes and sizes with one thing in common--the Venturi chamber. Whether you’re seeking a pocket-friendly Helix pipe or something larger like a Helix pipe, you can find the latest from GRAV Labs here. At just 5”, the GRAV Helix Mini Hand Pipe is palm-sized and discreet with no shortage of functionality. A spoon head design makes for easy loading and handling. As you take a hit, three intake holes in the mouthpiece sift air into the chamber, spinning smoke. A roll-stop enables you to put down the GRAV Helix Mini in-between hits without spilling the bowl.

The slightly larger GRAV Helix Classic Hand Pipe delivers bigger rips while maintaining a low profile. At 7”, this Helix pipe holds more herb and takes in more air through its Venturi system than the Helix Mini. For those who want the Helix pipe experience combined with the smooth, pure hits of a water pipe, the Helix Flare Base water pipe is a modern revision of the classic water pipe design with a Venturi chamber for good measure. The smaller Helix Hammer Bubbler delivers moisture conditioned hits while offering a compact 6” design.

If you’re looking for other glass pipes by GRAV, check out the Jane West Collection.