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  • Some call it a split personality, we call it versatility. The Herbalizer lets you experience the benefits of essential oils and herbal remedies in classic aromatherapy or vaportherapy™ modes. Add a hidden storage compartment and four delivery methods, and well, don’t you just love options?
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    • Made in the USA

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The Vaporizer of Vaporizers

There’s no vaporizer quite as revolutionary as the Herbalizer. Advanced, intuitive, and futuristic in design, the Herbalizer set a gold standard for desktop vaporizers, debuting to critical acclaim after four years of research and development. The ideal desktop vape for beginners and connoisseurs alike, the Herbalizer produces vapor of extraordinary purity with a simple interface, advanced heating system, four inhalation modes, and a magnificent pod-like design.

NASA-Strength Vaporization

Built with precision by former NASA engineers, the Herbalizer vaporizer delivers medical grade vapor with an advanced heating system. Users can crank the heat up to as much 445℉ with zero risk of combustion, a previously unheard of capability. The Herbalizer’s heat up to time is rapid for a desktop vaporizer, utilizing an internal halogen bulb that heats instantly. Precise Temperature Control enables you to pinpoint a thermal sweetspot, between 290-445℉, that’s ideal for vaporizing the most popular types of dry herb, wax, or oil.

Four Vaping Methods

The Herbalizer is equipped with multiple ways to enjoy vapor. The easy-squeeze valve balloon system lets you easily fill balloon-bags using the unit’s quietly powerful fan. An integrated whip allows you to vape from medical-grade tubing with an ergonomic mouthpiece. Steamroller mode delivers pure-tasting vapor of unadulterated flavor with an inert glass steamroller attachment. While most vaporizers provide one way to inhale, the Herbalizer offers four.

A Fail-Safe Vaporizer

For your safety, the Herbalizer desktop vaporizer is equipped with a fail-safe system regulated by an internal computer. If the device deviates from the selected vaporization temperature, the Herbalizer will within hundredths of a second make a correction. The Herbalizer will also shut off instantly if it is tipped over or tilted. Its microprocessor will remember the temperature at which you last vaped before the loss of equilibrium, and a magnetic seal on the heating chamber will keep your materials secure.