Higher Standards Cleaning Products

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Higher Standards cleaning supplies provide connoisseurs with premium tools and products for maintaining the maximum performance from their glass pipes. With a lineup of quality cleaning supplies, Higher Standards enables you to quickly and efficiently retain your glass pipe's crystal clear look. You can also ensure optimal smoke production every session. Designed for convenience, functionality, simplicity, and expediency, Higher Standards cleaning supplies boast enhanced and innovated twists on familiar products and tools. Cleaning your glass pipe has never been easier, faster, and more efficient.


Showing an appreciation for connoisseurship, Higher Standards designed and curated their Supreme Clean Kit to provide everything an enthusiast needs. The Supreme Clean Kit ensures the best performance from their glass pipe or dab rig. Included are a wide range of premium products and accessories from the Higher Standards lineup of cleaning solutions. Making thoughtful revisions to classic tools and accessories, Higher Standards offers innovative maintenance and care of your glassware for enhanced performance, reliability, and longevity. Each cleaning solution is also available for individual purchase.


Higher Standards Salt Rox is a premium rock salt for cleaning the pathways and chamber of your pipe. When combined with ISO Pure, a 99% isopropyl alcohol, Salt Rox quickly breaks down tough residues. Each granule is created with a uniform grind that is optimized for cleaning borosilicate glass. Simply fill your pipe with a mixture and plug all the openings of your pipe using Higher Standards Tube Tops so you can shake the pipe around, loosening buildup to maintain the crystal clear look that is characteristic of Higher Standards glass.


To clean hard-to-reach spots and tight corners, Higher Standards placed an innovative spin on the pipe cleaner with Pipe Stix, a pack of long cotton swabs with skewers on the bottom for unclogging airways and chiseling away residue. Made with premium cotton tips, these swabs were designed to work with ISO Pure to ensure every nook and cranny in your Higher Standards glass pipe is clean.

For tougher cleaning jobs, Pipe Dreamz pipe cleaners feature fine bristles that attach to particles hiding in out-of-reach crevices. Integrated into the brush are heavier bristles engineered to scrape away residue without irritating glass. This optimal abrasion ensures the deepest clean for your Higher Standards pipe. A flexible design allows you to bend Pipe Dreamz into whatever angle you need to get the job done.


Presoaked in 70% isopropyl alcohol and embedded with textured dots for deeper wiping, Dot Wipes can be used to wipe down your Higher Standards glass, tools, and smoking space. Featuring one textured side for harder cleaning jobs and a softer side for polishing, Dot Wipes offer more versatility and performance than standard alcohol wipes. Made with a premium cotton blend, Resin Rags are finely woven for the maximum absorption and polishing of your Higher Standards glass. With a large 21" by 21" span, Resin Rags can be folded into any shape that your cleaning ritual calls for. Dry off your glass pipe or tools after a deep cleaning, or touch up your device after a session. Higher Standards designed their Resin Rags with original stylings and their sleek logo.


To ensure the most efficient cleaning of your glass pipe, Higher Standards developed Tube Tops, custom rubber stoppers made of premium silicone that fit into every opening of your pipe to create a water and airtight seal. Simply load your water pipe with Salt Rox and ISO Pure and plug the holes with Tube Tops, then slosh the solution around to fill up every passageway and chamber. Tube Tops come in a variety of sizes for every opening. This innovative tool is another standard-setting innovation from the team at Higher Standards.