Higher Standards ISO Pure

  • 99% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Deep Cleaning Action
  • Works with Glass, Metal, and Silicone
  • 16 Oz. Bottle
  • Zero Oil Traces
  • Fast Evaporation
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Consisting of 99% isopropyl alcohol, ISO Pure by Higher Standards quickly breaks down the toughest residues and buildup on glass pipes and more, ensuring a more elevated smoking experience. ISO Pure acts quickly to make cleaning your glass pipe easier and more effective. This premium isopropyl quickly evaporates, leaving no trace of moisture on surfaces. The 16 oz. bottle features a disc cap for mess-free carrying and easy pouring. Compatible with most glass, metal, and silicone, Higher Standards ISO Pure ensures the best performance possible from your pipe or vaporizer.


First fill your glass pipe with ISO Pure. For a deeper clean, add Higher Standards Salt Rox to the mix. ISO Pure works in conjunction with Salt Rox to break down tougher residue. Once your pipe is full of cleaning solution, plug the tube and joint with Higher Standards Tube Tops and swish the cleaning solution around by shaking the glass. Let the solution sit for ten minutes before emptying the chamber. Wash out the chamber with water a few times until a crystal clear look returns.

ISO Pure also works with vaporizers, allowing you to wipe down surfaces including control interfaces, herb chambers, wax atomizers, and vapor paths. Simply dab your pipe cleaner, q-tip, brush or cloth in ISO Pure and wipe down your vape. Most removable parts can be soaked for ten minutes to remove heavy residue.


A higher solvent strength distinguishes ISO Pure from the rest. A step above store-bought isopropyl, which generally offers 91% consistency, this premium glass pipe cleaner enables thorough erosion for a clean and clear look.

  • 1 x 16 Oz. Bottle of Higher Standards ISO Pure Cleaning Solution

Higher Standards ISO Pure Additional Information

Dimensions: 2.75 x 2.75 x 7.25 in.
Weight: 0.94 lbs.

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