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Honey Labs was established in 2016 after a friend to owner and inventor Greg complained about his broken concentrate straw. Greg resolved to craft a more durable dab straw. The result was the Honey Dabber, a concentrate straw sheathed in a protective cherry wood sleeve. Just slide the sleeve off to reveal the straw, which can be torched and dipped in a dish full of your favorite wax concentrates as you inhale from the opposite end of the dabber. You can put the sleeve back on, even when the straw is hot, so it can be safely pocketed. Realizing he had invented a safer, more convenient way to dab, Greg founded Honey Labs, and what began as a personal favor to a friend blossomed into something bigger. Dabbing hasn’t been the same since.


Honey Lab parts and accessories are built with the same combination of love and ingenuity as the Honey Dabber 2. Imbued with a folkloric, homespun appeal, Honey Lab accessories enhance the Honey Dabber experience with a down-to-earth approach to design that makes dabbing simple and enjoyable. Whether you want to moisture-condition your rips with the Honey Hose water pipe adapter or chase flavor with the Honey Dabber II Quartz Straw, Honey Labs promises quality with finely crafted American-made offerings.


The Honey Hose, a water pipe adapter compatible with 10mm, 14mm and 18mm pipes, is made of yellow birch wood with folksy design stylings to match the Honey Dabber II. A platinum-cured surgical-grade silicone hose connects the Honey Dabber to any compatible water pipe, opening up a world of possibilities for your dabbing sessions. Each dab will be tamed through moisture-conditioning, delivering a smoother inhale. The Honey Hose by Honey Labs is an essential tool for those who want the smoother rips of a water pipe from their concentrate straw.


The most essential Honey Labs accessory is the Honey Dabber II concentrate straw. Made of 100% high grade quartz crystal, the dab straw fits snugly into a hole drilled in the Honey Dabber 2 handle where it is held tight by a silicone friction mount. The quartz concentrate straw acts as the heating element and airpath. The tip is torched then dipped into wax as the user inhales from the other end of the Honey Dabber handle like a straw. The quartz is highly resistant to heat, allowing the hit to cool off while each flavor note is preserved. Honey Labs also has titanium straws available which create larger hits than quartz. For the dab enthusiast who wants a simple, easy and safe way to enjoy dabs, Honey Labs hits the spot.