Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw Vaporizer

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Heat-up Time
  • 350mAh
  • 3" Tall
  • Extremely Palm-Sized
  • Concealed Cartridge
  • Snap-On Magnet Connection
  • Oil Level Window
  • 3.7 Volt Battery
  • On-Demand Hits
  • USB Charging
  • Lightweight
  • Durable Metal Build
  • Matte Finish

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The Honey Stick Elf is a miniature but magical auto-draw vaporizer for enjoying standard oil concentrate cartridges on-the-go. Set for 3.7v, the Elf vaporizer delivers potent hits as soon as you inhale. An oil cartridge slides into a discreet port in the Honey Stick Elf battery where it snaps into place magnetically for easy attachment. This port also conceals the oil cartridge for a stealthier experience, though a cleverly placed window reveals how much oil is left in the cartridge. Palm-sized and light as a feather, the Honey Stick Elf auto draw vape enables convenient on-the-go vaping. Its simple but stylish look comes in a variety of cheerful matte colors with a sleek, circular Elf decal as a stamp of authenticity.


The Honey Stick Elf is one of the teeniest oil vaporizers in the world, harnessing magical power in its pint-sized frame. While most oil vaporizers require temperature control, the Honey Stick Elf heats instantly with the pressure of your inhale. The buttonless on-demand heating system ensures a more rapid, seamless vaping experience. No more fiddling with controls. The Elf is ready to deliver at any moment. USB charging enables faster charges from your computer, car, AC outlet (with adapter) and more. Honey Stick Elf hones vaping down to the essentials to deliver a simple, sophisticated experience that meshes well with modern living.


At just over 3 inches, the Honey Stick Elf is barely noticeable in your pocket and completely concealed in your grip. The box mod design diverges from the usual pen-style so that the Elf hides entirely in your palm with just the small mouthpiece exposed. You can vape oil cartridges in a stealthy manner, rather than lug around a hunk of metal, and still enjoy miraculously smooth and potent rips. The build is constructed using lightweight but solid metal that withstands wear-and-tear while keeping a trim profile. Compatible with most standard 510-threaded oil cartridges, the Honey Stick Elf offers stealth, power, and ease-of-use on-the-go.

  • 1 x Honey Stick Elf Auto-Draw Vaporizer
  • 1 x Oil Tank w/ Magnetic Cap
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable

Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw Vaporizer Additional Information

Warranty Info: 1 Year
Dimensions: 1.75 x 2.75 x 4.25 in.
Weight: 0.22 lbs.
Vaporizer Compatibility: E-Juice
Voltage: 110v
Thread Size: 510

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful


    Best vaporizer I’ve ever purchased! There are two type of people in the world...those who love this little guy...and those who haven’t tried it!

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Get this! Everyone needs one!

    The best stealth device I have ever used! It has plenty of power, fires at 3.7v consistency, and has a 350mah battery that easily gets me through a day and then some. The magnetic connection makes dropping in a cartridge a breeze, and fits literally inside the palm of my hand (it can be used completely concealed). Lights up green when you auto draw, produces nice vapor, and it fits various cartridge sizes. The magnet is also very strong, and cartridges will not come out unless you remove them yourself.

    This thing will literally disappear in your pocket...get one!

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Cute but broke within 3 days

    I was so happy when I got this is was so cute and so portable, but maybe bc it’s auto draw it just broke and will not charge anymore, really sad bc I was super excited to show this product around

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Good stealthy little vape

    Since it's auto-draw, it takes a few draws to get it going. Other than that, pretty solid product with good build quality.

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Don't buy unless your a one hit wonder lover

    Bought unit 2 weeks ago , charging it for 3 hours will get you maybe a quarter tank of oil at best, if you only need one or two hits , 2-3 times a day , this unit is for you, I need at least .5 a day and that equates to about 3-4 charges a day,WOW that's not very good as there is only so many hours in a day and being hooked to a charger all day isn't my idea of convenience.

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Q: I opened my brand new elf auto draw discrete and I plug it into the charger and a red light stays on for about 2 minutes and then goes off. Any idea on what’s wrong with it?

Asked By Dougie Fresh on February 28, 2019

A: Dougie, There might be a connection issue between the charger and the Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw, try a different charger, if that does not work please call (888) 498-2767. -VaporNation

Q: I bought my new elf open the box and charged it and flushed red for two minutes and went out so I thought it was charged I went to use it and it lasted a couple minutes so I plugged it in again and it flashed for three minutes and went off but it’s not charging do I need to have the cartridge in place while it charges and how long should i charge for and when you said the light turns off the red light turns off

Asked By Chris on February 24, 2019

A: Chris, Your Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw should charge without a cartridge. If the problem persists please call (888) 498-2767. -VaporNation

Q: If for some reason I decide to return this device, is that possible?

Asked By Rita Lewis on November 29, 2018

A: Rita, If you do not like your Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw Vaporizer you can contact (888) 498-2767. -VaporNation

Q: Can you switch mouthpiece on stocked cartridge with prefills or no?

Asked By Jared on November 17, 2018

A: Jared, The Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw Vaporizer can fit most standard-width 510 threaded cartridges, as for the mouthpieces themselves they cannot be switched out. If your pre-filled cart has a mouthpiece it should be fine. -VaporNation

Q: I am thinking of buy one. but what juice does it take or do you need to buy cartridges?

Asked By george great on November 16, 2018

A: George, The Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw Vaporizer can vape e-juice or pre-filled cartridges of thinner consistency concentrates. The Elf also comes with its own fill-able oil tank, giving you the option of filling it your self. -VaporNation

Q: What email can I contact you on?

Asked By Makayli on October 04, 2018

A: Makayli, [email protected] -VaporNation

Q: I got my elf pen yesterday, and it won’t charge. I plug it in and the red light comes on for a minute then disappears, it won’t hit either, what do I do?

Asked By Makayli on September 30, 2018

A: Makayli, There may be an issue with the magnetic adapter that lets your cartridge be used with the Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw Vaporizer, check to make sure it is properly connected and nothing is between it and the port. -VaporNation

Q: When trying to draw the light starts flashing green and nothing comes out.

Asked By Michael on September 24, 2018

A: Michael, Check the connection between your Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw Vaporizer and the cartridge inside, it may need to be adjusted. -VaporNation

Q: I lost the charger. Do I need a specific replacement or will any USB charger work?

Asked By Orlando on September 22, 2018

A: Orlando, Any USB charger will work to charge your Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw Vaporizer. -VaporNation

Q: How do I know that it is fully charged and how long does the battery usually last?

Asked By Liz Gonzalez on August 17, 2018

A: Liz, You'll know your Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw Vaporizer is charged when the light turns off. The battery life will depend on usage, but it should last a full days worth of vaping. -VaporNation

Q: Can CCELL cartridges fit in it???

Asked By Evan on August 15, 2018

A: Evan, If you're going to a store to get the CCell cartridge we would recommend bringing the Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw Vaporizer with you, the threading is the same so that won't be a problem but the port for the cartridge may be just to small to fit it. -VaporNation

Q: I've been told by some budtenders that because this is a buttonless battery I cannot use all types of 510 cartridges, is this correct? Everything I've read has said it can fit all 510 cartridges.

Asked By sarah on August 15, 2018

A: Sarah, The Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw Vaporizer can *fit* all cartridges, but thicker concentrates might be harder to get a good draw from. -VaporNation

Q: can this be used for cannabis oil?

Asked By Daniela on August 15, 2018

A: Daniela, Yes, the Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw Vaporizer can be used for oil. -VaporNation

Q: Can I use e juice or just strictly oil

Asked By Whitney on August 11, 2018

A: Whitney, The Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw Vaporizer can vaporizer both ejuice and concentrates. -VaporNation

Q: Hi, just bought this cute little vape and was suoer excited to use. I filled it up and charged it for an hour but its not hitting right. Sometimes I will get an okay hit but they are usually very small or I get no vapor at all. Did I do something wrong? Please help !

Asked By Karen on July 28, 2018

A: Karen, Check the connection between atomizer and the cartridge of the Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw Vaporizer. -VaporNation

Q: Lost instructions and have had for a week now it don’t work and it was on charge all night. Please advise

Asked By Adrian on July 08, 2018

A: Adrian, There may be an issue with the connectivity between the cart and the battery on your Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw Vaporizer. If the problem persists please call 888.321.VAPOR (8276). -VaporNation

Q: Can you use pre filled 510 threaded co2 oil cartridges ?

Asked By Joy on July 06, 2018

A: Joy, Yes the Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw Vaporizer can fit a 510 threaded cartridge. -VaporNation

Q: I have the honey stick and the glass vial broke and I am trying to find a replacement for it . yet I am not sure about the size I think it is the 0.5 if anyone knows the actual size and replacement I would appreciate it

Asked By Maryanne on May 30, 2018

A: Maryanne, Sorry to hear that, the Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw Vaporizer has a magnetic connection for the glass vial to the battery, the magnetic adapter that is on the vial now can be unscrewed and placed on any 510 threaded auto draw cartridge. Happy vaping! -VaporNation

Q: can i fill up the tank or is this for cartridge use only?

Asked By Nurit on May 10, 2018

A: Nurit, You can absolutely fill up the tank on the Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw Vaporizer. Happy vaping! -VaporNation

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