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  • The Bee Keeper vaporizer is one of the most discreet vapes for waxy oils on the market. Despite its compact size, the Bee Keeper vape delivers big, smooth, and flavor-rich vapor from runny wax concentrates. A simple yet effective oil tank is refillable, allowing you to enjoy your favorite liquid concentrates on-the-go.
    • Ultra Wide 12 mm Bore Opening
    • Ultra-Discreet
    • Magnetic Connection

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  • The Honey Stick Elf is a miniature but magical auto-draw vaporizer for enjoying standard oil concentrate cartridges on-the-go. Set for 3.7v, the Elf vaporizer delivers potent hits as soon as you inhale.
    • 350mAh
    • 3" Tall
    • Extremely Palm-Sized

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  • The MiniMax PRO by Honeystick is a super compact but powerful keychain fob vaporizer for stealthy oil vaping. Compatible with 11mm/plus size 510-threaded oil tanks or smaller, the MiniMax PRO delivers smooth, potent rips from your favorite oil concentrates.
    • Stealthy Key Fob Design
    • Variable Voltage (3.6v, 3.8v, 4.0v)
    • 0.8 Ohm Loading Resistance

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  • From HoneyStick comes the Rip & Ditch disposable vape pen. Not your average throw-away tank, the Rip & Ditch vape boasts a sleek, sturdy design and unique features. The smooth rubberized exterior of the Rip & Ditch by HoneyStick is magnetized so you can keep the included metal dabber concentrate tool attached and close to the hip. The ergonomic mouthpiece detaches to reveal the fully ceramic chamber with a single rod atomizer for flavor-rich vapor production.
    • Disposable
    • Ceramic Chamber
    • Single Rod Atomizer

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  • The MiniMax FOB vaporizer by HoneyStick takes stealth vaporization to the max with a discreet car key design that hides your vaping in plain sight. Slip this car key vaporizer on your key-chain and carry it with you wherever you go. This portable vape looks like a regular car key, but it holds a 500mAh battery capable of producing sizable vapor clouds from your favorite oils. A simple single button control makes it easy to take quick hits with the MiniMax FOB vape. To enable you to charge from just about anywhere, the HoneyStick MiniMax FOB vape features micro-USB charging. With a 4V output level, the MiniMax FOB vaporizer packs ample vapor production in one of the most compact and stealthy vapes on the market.
    • Car Key Design
    • 500mAh Battery
    • 4V Output

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Sweet Waxy Oil Vaporization

What’s all the buzz about Honey Stick vapes? They’re super compact, powered by sub-ohm mod batteries, and deliver sweet, smooth vapor from wax concentrates and liquids. Honey Stick vaporizers are “optimized for intense, relaxing vapor” with ultra low resistance vape batteries that cook up big, robust clouds from a few drips of waxy oil. “Cloud chasers” looking for lung-expanding clouds of waxy oil vapor will delight in the Honey Stick vaporizer, an all-in-one mod with adjustable airflow, variable wattage and voltage, and powerful sub-ohm vaporization. For waxy oil lovers on a budget, the Rip & Ditch disposable vaporizer gives you 200 rips of succulent vapor with a single rod atomizer and uniquely sleek design. Mod enthusiasts who want a stealthy vaping experience without sacrificing big clouds will love the Honey Stick Bee Keeper vape, an ultra compact mod vape with 20 watt output that fits in your palm.

Compact, Powerful Mod Vapes

The Honey Stick vaporizer is a mod vape that delivers it all--flavor, robustness, sizable clouds. Most importantly, the Honey Stick mod gives you the ability to pinpoint wattages and voltage between 5w and 36w and 2v to 8v, respectively, making life sweet for those who like playing with temperature and completely controlling their vapor profiles. Taking the Honey Stick vape for a whirl is simple. The top fill tank is easy to fill and prevents any leakage. Voltage and wattage are toggled using buttons and an LED display screen. Once you choose your power level, waxy oil drips onto a prebuilt organic cotton coil with a resistance of 3w to make sweet, sweet vapor. The Honey Stick vaporizer is one of the best vape mods out there, delivering intensely flavored and sizable hits on-the-go.

A Disposable Vaporizer of Substance

The Honey Stick Rip & Ditch disposable vaporizer for waxy oils is uniquely high quality for a vape that you toss away when you’re done. It also lasts longer than most disposable vapes with a lifespan of 200 rips. The Honey Stick Rip & Ditch boasts a slick rubberized exterior that feels great in your grip. A dab tool makes it easy to load the Rip & Ditch on-the-go. Enjoy your favorite waxy concentrates with this compact and discreet Honey Stick vaporizer. The Rip & Ditch appears to be an average e-cigarette, but vapes wax at a high level with a small but mighty vape battery. The Rip & Ditch Honey Stick vaporizer is ideal for those who like it simple. Just dab, draw, and drop.

Ultra Compact Mod Vaporizer

The Bee Keeper Honey Stick vaporizer is one of the most compact mod vapes on the market. With an itsy bitsy 2 ½ by 1 inch stature, the Honey Sticker Bee Keeper is easy to conceal, but packs more power than it appears. A strong 20 watt mod battery produces sizable vapor from a unit you can hide in your palm. A tank with a magnetic adapter on one end slides into a port in the Honey Stick Bee Keeper vape where it sits next to the battery, making it easy to load the unit and allowing for an exceptionally compact vaporizer. Like all the Honey Stick vaporizers, the Bee Keeper vape is easy to use. A simple single-button push control powers the unit on and reaches the preset 20 watt power in no time. Whether you want precision and power, affordability and awesomeness, or style and stealthiness in your vaporizer, Honey Stick vapes has the unit for you.