Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer
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Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer

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    Best Rig Ever!!!

    I purchased the Switch for easy, no torch dabs at home. Let me tell you, I was surprised at how awesome this rig is. The dabs are super tasty and you can set the temp to almost anything you want between 300 and 800. The flower mode is a bonus as well. I don't smoke flower that much, but its awesome to pack a bowl and pass it around between a few buddies. I can not say more good things about the rig. Dr. Dabber is the best!

    By James T on

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    This is what I would've expected to be dabbing with in the year 2039 maybe. It's a bong From the future that you somehow have in ur pocessoom... It smacks like a truck, while still making your concentrate have a more full flavor profile, maintain a constant temp, capable of reaching temps of 800+ within 6 seconds and the induction cups are cooled off within seconds of each dab cycle ending, unlike any other nail being torched ever lol. This thing has a g*d**m self cleaning mode between hits while it gives you a light show. I use it with their after market bubble carb cap and ball percolator glass attachment. All day vape: it's my go to piece now. Sir Dr Dabber, 100% takeing the award for trippiest way to get trippy- ft. with this mamajama, the "switch".

    By Jkuxhi on

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