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Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer

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    This is what I would've expected to be dabbing with in the year 2039 maybe. It's a bong From the future that you somehow have in ur pocessoom... It smacks like a truck, while still making your concentrate have a more full flavor profile, maintain a constant temp, capable of reaching temps of 800+ within 6 seconds and the induction cups are cooled off within seconds of each dab cycle ending, unlike any other nail being torched ever lol. This thing has a g*d**m self cleaning mode between hits while it gives you a light show. I use it with their after market bubble carb cap and ball percolator glass attachment. All day vape: it's my go to piece now. Sir Dr Dabber, 100% takeing the award for trippiest way to get trippy- ft. with this mamajama, the "switch".

    By Jkuxhi on

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