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    Wanna Love You (baby) FF2

    First of all, thank you Vapornation for the supersonic service. You have a proper chat system and customer service that really seems to care. I voiced my needs, you exceeded them. As for the product, it's in a special class. Firefly 2 has huge perks. Tech chillum style, easiest to clean, forward thinking design. Only deficiency is the App doesn't do justice. Fails on so many levels. Still works without it, but not as fully functional as perhaps advertised. There are promised future downloadable updates. A worthy investment, however, for astonishing flavor delivery, efficiency, and easiest cleaning for a portable that I've come across. Learning curve with rewards.

    By KLo on

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    satisfied customer

    I've had this vap a few days now and love most things about it. I was concerned about the potency of the herb when vaped because I use it medicinally. I thought it might not do the trick. I was wrong. By weight, I feel i get more out of my medicine and it is infinitely more enjoyable than combusting the herb as it's much cooler and you can actually really taste the nuances of the herb.

    Last night I used the unit to vap my extract (very viscous concentrate) instead of eating it and achieved ridiculous results. it was like doing a dab without the elaborate set-up.

    If you are on the go and need to medicate effectively, and with discretion, I would highly recommend the Firefly2.

    By MediFly on

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    Had it for a week now...

    Finally getting it to work right. Read the reviews for tips!!

    Here's the deal. Out of the box it was beautiful. First run was heaven. Next three days were hell. Mouthpiece problems. 2nd time I used it, something happened and the mouthpiece suddenly sat too loose. I couldn't get a good seal. Extra mouthpiece same problem. 4 days of hell and frustration trying to get a good hit ad looking for mouthpieces that fall out constantly. Not cool. The solution: PLUMBING TAPE. A thin strip of plumbing tape, approx 2mm wide, should be wrapped around the end of the mouthpiece to create a tighter seal. Try and get it in the little groove that goes around then end of the mouthpiece that sits farthest in without blocking the air intake. Wrap it around three times. Magic! The mouthpiece seats perfectly. It no longer whistles when I vape :) Costs about a dollar for the tape and will save you from throwing away this vape

    By Cash on

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    over hyped

    Never seen such hype about a product that doens't work all that well. Very nice design, easy to use and keep clean, nice taste.
    Horrible battery life, often doesn't hit at all, expensive as all get out.
    My friends call it the "fifty" cuz it's 50/50 whether you're going to get a hit off it or just suck air.
    Sometimes go through a whole bowl, hitting it 10-15 times (trashing a battery too) and nobody feeling like they got a hit at ALL.
    Arizer Solo and Air works SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better EVERY TIME, and taste every bit as good for 1/2 the price.
    Hell the $40 cheapie I bought for a week in Florida worked better than the Firefly, just a pain to clean. At least you got nice hits from it! LOL

    No idea how this device got so many rave reviews........

    By MLB on

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    beautiful design, lackluster performance

    perhaps the learning curve is a long one- but I'm just not sold on the firefly 2. I have to say that my Pax 2 is far more efficient, easier to manage when 'stoned' and overall a more complete feeling. The Firefly is handsome in design, but after a few puffs, it can be infuriatingly gummed up with resin, and that mouthpiece? doesn't it stay put? Doubtful, and it's very, very easy to lose in the dark- too easy to remove! without it, you're SOL..

    the bowl is far too shallow, the unit itself gets smoking hot. perhaps some silicone grips would radiate the heat better?

    I do reviews professionally for the cannabis industry- this one device, although pretty, is just not getting my vote on anything other than pure design.

    By wb on

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