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    ive had this vape for less then 3 months and it seems very frgile. the contacts where you hold for ignition doesnt work properly and the glass is fragile af. the whole unit feels like it will shatter into pieces if i drop it. i used it while snowboarding and the glass cracked. when i called them they asked me to pay them $30 to send it in and if the determined the break was from temperature fracture they will fix it and return the $30. after i sent in the unit they basically said thanks, here is the unit back, kept the $30 and gfy. this unit is a pos. terrible construction/design, fragile, customer service there to rip you off even further, and battery lasts 7-8 tokes on a full charge. dont waste your money, time, and stress.

    By vin on

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    Great for 2 weeks

    Worked great for 2-3 weeks. After that, the heating element went out and nothing happens when I hold the side buttons to heat the unit. Now I have a $350 paperweight. Awesome.

    By Indy Guy on

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