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    Cool concept and design, poor execution.

    After owning this since launch I can definitively say I hate it. This vape is not worth the money. Period.

    Price. It's in the premium segment of portable vaporizers as far as cost is concerned. So between that and a few sponsored reviews online I decided to pick one up and hope for more than just eye candy. That was a mistake. If you want a good portable vape, get one that's been out and has lots of actual user reviews. One tried and true, and there are many. Haze Dual v3, Arizer Solo, Arizer Air, Pax 2/3, MFLB (for much, much less), etc.

    Build quality. Take off your face-plate and look at the ring by the window. Misaligned? Yes, and not just on my unit.

    Take off your battery cover. It feels really light, probably due to the demand to lighten this model vs the Firefly 1. That's fine, I'll pass up how cheap it feels assuming you want to save weight and space wherever possible. Now put it back on. Did you miss a corner and have to snap it in place or re-insert the whole battery cover? Most of the time yes. The solution? Use a bit more force to hold all of the corners down when you slide the battery cover back on. But that's where the cheap feel comes into play. I honestly feel like I am going to break it.

    Niggles so far, so let's get into the real issues.

    Battery life. It's good for about one bowl, or around 0.15g. Meaning one session. They have a backup battery which is nice, but no included way to charge it unless it's in the unit. So add on $30 for an external charger to the unit's price. Charging takes a claimed 45 minutes, but you need a 9W+ charger for that. So don't expect your phone charger to match this speed.

    Heating. It gets hot fairly quickly as advertised, but so does half of the unit! It's unbearably hot up to your fingers on the touch sensors and doesn't shut off. But it will put itself into a cool down mode when the unit isn't scorching hot. Then you're stuck waiting to vape. Seems a little backwards there to me.

    Vapor. The production of vapor is immensely small from this unit. All of the above vapes can easily produce bigger clouds, but they also give you a bigger hit. It's not just smoke and mirrors. When you get a good hit from the Firefly 2 it's tasteful and not hot, which is a plus. But that's few and far between when compared to other vapes.

    Bowl. The chamber holds about 0.15g of dry herb. This is good enough for me on most vapes. But even on the high setting (only accessible through the smartphone app, along with all of the settings) this vape just does not do it's job well. I'm often left with way more green herb and less "popcorn" than anything else I have used. Suck too hard and the herb will dirty up the airway path. It will stop before your mouth due to the screen, but then you can barely draw because it is clogged. Quick fix is to lift off the face-plate and blow through the mouth piece. If you suck too hard it comes "unpacked" and it will not heat properly. It needs to be seated at the bottom of the bowl to work "best." This is true to some other vaporizers so I can't knock that.

    So those are some of the first issues I noticed, which is a lot considering the price and what other manufacturers offer. But what about actually being able to use this should you, unfortunately, have to use this? Or, worse yet, end up purchasing one? I'll explain below how to best use this vape.

    1. Fully charged battery.
    2. High vape setting.
    3. Put herb in bowl med-fine grind in heap, pack down with your finger semi-tight (tamp it).
    4. Hold power buttons and let the vape heat up for 8-10 seconds (glowing orange).
    5. Light, constant inhale. Don't suck like a straw, draw straight to your lungs for 10-15 seconds.
    6. Stir every 1 - 2 hits, but don't expect many overall from this bowl.

    Don't like that? Well I've tried everything else and nothing works as well. I've tried the following combinations with multiple people.

    Choose one from each number.
    1. Grind - Powder, Super fine, fine, med-fine, medium, finger fine, finger coarse, barely broken.
    2. Draw pull - Barely moving air, light puffs, light and constant inhale, medium inhale, straw puffs, straw suck constant, sucking until I think my chin is going to implode into my palate.
    3. Draw length - 0-5 seconds, 5-10 seconds, 10+ seconds.
    4. Heat temperature - Low, medium low, med, medium high, high.
    5. Heat linger- Heat and instantly draw, heat and draw after 3-7 seconds, heat and draw after 8 seconds.
    6. Pack size - Quarter bowl, half bowl, full bowl.
    7. Pack, or lack of - Fluffly, light tamp to level, face-plate "tamp" (setting in on the unit in place), med-heavy tamp.

    I wanted a vape for non-session uses, but am sorely disappointed. This unit does not produce good, constant hits on demand. It "works" best preheating it everytime and stirring between every 1-2 hits, of which you might get 4.

    I love portable vapes, just not this one. For quick hits look at the MFLB. For hassle free vaping that also does herb and concentrates/oil, get the Haze v3. For the best flavor get the Arizer Solo or Haze v3. Those are my go to for quality at multiple prices. There are SO many good vapes out there that you really can't go wrong, so long as you pass this one up. It is not beginner friendly and buyers remorse is quickly found with this purchase.

    A vape meant for quick puffs here and there that ends up as a session vape compromising on everything other portable vapes excel at. 3/10.

    By anythingelse on

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    Firefly 2 / bowl separation

    Purchased my firefly 2 from their website as they weren't available here at the time. Was sucked in by the looks & glass pathway. 9 months later of care & cleaning the bowl separated on the left side. i noticed the crack betweeen the glass sides and bottom, which comprises the unit. Time for a Pax i think. apparently the warranty won't be approved until the techs see it . i sent pics of the obvious crack, but it wasn't good enough. now i send a stinky used vape to seattle and wait a couple of weeks. Great....

    By Richard on

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    Poor Quality Control and Support

    I've had a firefly 2 for 3 weeks. It works well and is easy to clean. But for no reason, the LED indicator turned solid red, indicating a dead battery. The owners manual says very little about a solid red LED. The unit would not charge or turn on. Replacing the battery was no help.
    I sent an email to Firefly support two days ago, but got no response. I finally used their on-line chat. They stated that the unit needed warranty service. I get to mail it back AT MY EXPENSE. So after buying this expensive unit, I get to ship it back and forth in a process that they advised me would take 2 weeks to complete. All because they sold me a defective unit. I am sure mine was not the only defective one. So be warned: its high tech and if it breaks, or even if if arrives broken, ITS ON YOU.

    By Nevada Pete on

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    Firefly 2

    I have owned the OG Firefly for 4 years now. It was warrantied two years into it's life. I purchased a Firefly2 a little while back in hopes of an upgrade. Disappointed. It's an inferior build in so many ways. Lighter and adjustable settings are cool. But the utility is why I use it, and on that point is where I find the most dissatisfaction. Clouds are small. Hit's like a MFLB. When temp settings are high it burns the bottom but leaves top unevenly used. I much prefer the OG Firefly which gives a consistent performance and can choke out a champ. Or the PAX 2, another consistent hitter. But the Firefly2 leaves much to be desired. Battery life is so so. Customer service has been good to me so far, but is sometimes difficult to reach. Use online chat services. I would not purchase the FF2 knowing what I know now. Word.

    By Nacho on

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    A Poor Purchase For All

    Does not appear to work/work well with ANY type of grind or tamping. Mouthpiece began falling out of slot after two or three uses, and I could not find any way to secure it. Since I do not have an Apple IOS or Android I am prevented from making any setting changes. Harder to load and keep glass clear of stray bits.

    Think I will stick to my V2 Pro Series 7 which is easy to use and maintain, and which gives a consistent strong, flavorful draw.


    By The Finn on

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    Anemic Performer

    FF2 is an attractive, but pricey vaporizer. That would be all right if the vaporizer performed as advertised. But instead of providing easy rich draws, I found that it took a focused effort to pull enough air over a long enough period of time to generate a small to average vapor draw. On a positive note, this comes with two batteries, but average of a battery charger is only about 20 pulls or about 1-2 bowls. Another positive is, the glass vapor path which is very easy to clean. notwithstanding these attributes, performance is everything for s vaporizer. In summary, I would not recommend purchasing the Firefly 2 due to poor vapor generation.

    By Justthefacts on

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    Hard to hit

    I started with a MFLB, then bought the Firefly 2. Neither really hit well, and the battery life was absolutely abysmal. Finally got a Dynavap. No battery issues, very sturdy device, convenient, small, easy to carry. Yes, you need a lighter, but that is so much less hassle than a battery charger.

    By elpJen on

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    It’s great, but

    This thing has a great battery, and it is pretty. It has a nice heft to it, a good magnet to hold the “lid” on, and beautiful wood grain on top. It is also a pain in the ass to clean. You have to take it apart, clean the glass with alcohol, brush out the bowl, pull out the mouthpiece and brush it out. The weed needs to be a fairly coarse grind, and not old or crumbly otherwise it will plug up the mouthpiece.

    By Sci-fi junkie on

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    Battery Troubles Never End

    Maybe I didn't drain/cycle the battery often enough, but after a few months it seems the battery just weakens and won't hold a charge. Happened again the same with both replacement batteries. I like the device otherwise with a couple caveats. If you want more control over the exact temp you like to vape, this is not the device for you. It is easy to combust accidentally because it gets hotter the longer you hold it on, whereas other vaporizers will more easily prevent combustion. I could live with all that if I didn't need to purchase new batteries every few months. I have since bought another vaporizer that works better and doesn't require constant purchasing of expensive replacement batteries. Your mileage may vary but for me, I no longer use the Firefly.

    By Slab on

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    Not what I paid for

    Never vaped before and the reviews for the ff2 were good so I bought one and It's not working. You can get a little smoke if you run it about four or five times in a row and this is with the setting right below the concentrate setting, .would like to get it replaced or fixed so I can experience what the vapping is all about.

    By 2david on

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