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    Was a Very Good Vape. However Needs something

    I got mine in late August to replace the DaVinci Portable Vape. That was nice, but after 3 repairs and 4 total vapes, was time to go. They have a major flaw in their design, and won't listen to customers. So does S & B with the Crafty.

    Storz & Bickel have an equally bad flaw, and until they fix it, they are going to see more problems like mine creep up soon.. Here is the problem. The Button is the weakest leak because you use it to turn it off and on. The only option you have. It is not designed to be pressed over and over and over and will break over time. The button, must be pressed often if you don't want your battery to turn off after 1 minute of use. Constantly pressing something or taking a puff to let the device know you're still interested in it, isn't feasible. A one minute timer is ludicrous. The button gets jammed with debris. The heater has been taking a long time to heat up. I suspect its a design flaw with the power mechanism. With the placement of the battery, heater and button so close together, might be its downfall.

    The thing lasted a total of 3 months with very average use. Spending $330 on something, I expect it to last more than 90 days. I will give S & B the chance to figure the problem out. But a repaired unit won't be acceptable. A new one or nothing. Repaired items tend to break within 60 days after the repair. Once something is repaired it is NEVER going to work properly again. A car, an AC unit, anything electronics related. New or nothing!

    By Jason on

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    Not what I hoped for

    Disclaimer: Long-time smoker, new to vaping, so little to compare to for ratings.

    Maybe vaping will never be my thing, but I'm disappointed in almost everything about the experience.

    While this seems to be VERY well made and it's easy to use, it needs to be cleaned all the time (and it's not a quick thing for me to do) and each time I clean it , I bust something (a tab that holds the mouthpiece the first time, a seal ring the next, ...).

    And the effect just isn't as good as smoking . . .

    I'm very disappointed and wish I'd saved my money.

    By Jane on

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