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    Amazing Vape, But You Need to Know This

    OK, so the short version is this is an amazing vape and you should be happy with it, but read on for more details.

    I purchased this Vape as a replacement for the Indica, which wasn't working as well after 9-10 months of relatively heavy use. I almost sent it back the same day I got it, but I'm glad I did not do that.

    I was stoked to open the package and when I laid my eyes on the Prima, I was immediately impressed by its craftsmanship and the overall quality of the Vape. Cutting to the chase, I filled up the herb chamber, put the Vape in my pocket and headed out to pick up a fish taco and head to the beach for a taco and vape session, stoked to be alive and excited to try out the new Vape. My excitement quickly turned to disappointment when I reached into my pocket to make sure the Vape was still in good shape, only to find my pocket full of herb and the "lid" (metal piece covering the herb chamber) had come off simply by me walking with it in my pocket.

    Unfortunately, I left my supply back at home, and I was forced to return home, get more herb, then drive back down to the beach (my fish taco was cold and disappointing as well by that time). My point being that this Vape is NOT designed to be a "portable" Vape, as it is marketed. Sure, it's not a desktop Vape, but it's certainly NOT one that you can just load up, throw in your pocket and whip it out when you need it. The "lid" that keeps everything in place does not have any sort of fastener to keep it in place. I think it just lightly "clicks" into place, but it comes off very easily.

    With that being said, this Vape is QUALITY. It's hands-down the best Vape I've ever tried. The hits are plentiful, smooth and robust. I don't think the bowl is small at all (compared to previous vapes) and I have no trouble getting 15-20 solid hits out of it (and I don't even pack it full).

    The key is you have to think of this as a pipe with no lid. It's like a really good pipe that you can take with you wherever you go, but you CANNOT load it up (or at least you're doing so at your own risk) and have it ready for when you need it. Perhaps I was spoiled by the Indica, which has a chamber that clicks shut so you can fill it, then stick it in your pocket and pull it out whenever you need it. You can't do that with this one, but if you throw it in your pocket/car/whatever and pull it out when you need it and fill it up, you'll be good to go.

    The detachable battery makes for easy charging. The components are of high quality and the Vape cleans easily. Some people seem to think it's defective b/c you can't get thick clouds of vapor when the lights indicate the unit is at temperature. However, those people misunderstand how Vapes work. The lights blink green to indicate that the herb chamber is "at temperature," not to indicate that vapor is ready. It's like an oven. Assuming you put a pizza in the oven before preheating, the pizza will not be done when the oven preheats, it has to cook at that temperature before the pizza is "done." Similarly, the green lights indicate that the Vape is at the desired temp. You still have to wait for the "pizza" to cook and release the vapor while at temperature.

    Overall, I would highly recommend this Vape, so long as you know what you're getting prior to purchase. Again, this is not as "portable" as suggested by the marketing materials and reviews. Yes, you can stick it in your pocket, but you're going to lose all of your herb when the cap comes off - unless you're UBER careful while it's in your pocket. Just go to wherever you want to vape and pack it up there.

    By PoppaP on

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    Newest vaporizer to add to my collection

    I got he Prima about a week ago. I own several other vaporizers (all from vapor nation), they include the magic flight launch box, pax, and pinnacle pro. Before the Prima, I liked the pax the best, but it uses a lot more leaf than the Prima. While all the vaporizers have there pros and cons, so far I like the Prima the best....I use it on the highest setting and get about 10 GOOD rips per bowl. Heats up quickly, and battery life is not too bad.

    By T-Bone on

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    I like it but...

    Ok so I've been in a hunt to find a sleek design that has all the great features of the NO.2 Vaporizer. And I just about found it BUT the Prima gets HOT, and you have to let it cool before you finish your bowl. Now with that said I'm a heavy smoker and so I like to complete my bowls - the size of the bowl is great! All you need is one, but like I said it turns off before you can finish. On the other hand, it doesn't take very long to cool. The other 2 things I wish were different is the cap that covers the bowl does click on, but almost feels like its staying closed by a small magnet. As long as you don't have it in a pocket or purse (or drop it!) it's fine. This is perfect for a stay at home smoker. And the other is the battery has to be removed to charge it. Not a big deal except I've been spoiled with the N0.2 and you use charged or plugged in. Its all good. I like it enough to continue using it until it can't be used any longer; unlike others I've use and threw away after the first experience. Overall I like the small design the most.

    By weedsnob on

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    I likey

    Simple to use. Less cough. Battery life short. I charge it every other day after each bowl. Thats the only con I can think of. Kinda expensive. Not sure why. Still I like it and would recommend to a friend.

    By Erica on

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    Replacement Wait/Comparison with Arizer Solo

    I had a mixed experience with my purchase of a Prima vaporizer. The Prima was shipped promptly. In checking the unit, I found I couldn’t remove the battery so immediately contacted Vapornation. Ultimately, it was a month before I had a replacement unit in my hand. I can’t blame Vapornation for the faulty unit. Vapornation facilitated the free shipping, replacement of the Prima, and I appreciate the kindness and courtesy from Peter in Customer Service in completing my order. It just took a long time. . . but I’d certainly order from them again. I never did hear from the Prima rep so I’m glad Vapornation took care of replacing the unit.
    About the Prima—I’m comparing it with my Arizer Solo, another hand held vaporizer. Arizer uses a glass tube which extends out from the cylinder base unit which is not exactly discrete and it does not travel well. The Prima is a nice design and fits discretely in the hand with everything self-contained. The fire chamber has a screen in the top which keeps herb in place so you can put the unit in your pocket or carry it in your hand after loading without spilling. The battery recharge is simple for both. The Arizer has a charger cord that attaches directly into the unit. The Prima has a removable battery that charges in a stand charger. Both have temperature control. The Arizer has 7 temperature settings (level 4 works best for me with dry herb). The Prima has 4 settings (I’m experimenting with level 3). Both units can be warm in the hand but the Prima has a special guard to protect the fire end. The Arizer is easy to clean—the glass tube goes into my dishwasher. The Prima has a metal tube that can be removed and cleaned with alcohol. It also comes with a neat, little brush that stores in the tube when not in use. I don’t think cleaning the Prima will be a big chore. Both the Arizer and Prima work great. I’m impressed with the portability and discrete design of the Prima but time will tell if it compares with the Arizer for dependability and clean taste.

    By MK on

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    Slick, aesthetically pleasing, and performs as advertised!

    The Vapir Prima Vaporizer is an attractive, stylish, compact vaporizer that really delivers the goods. I've had mine for over six months and have used it to great effect dozens and dozens of times. I use it almost exclusively at home, primarily because I don't want to risk losing or damaging it, but also because it's really not ideal for on-the-go vaping. As others have pointed out, the cap comes off easily, and the vaporizer as a whole is taller than it is wide, which -- even with the presence of the heavier battery on the bottom -- renders it unstable and easy to tip over. That's the only real negative. In the stable environment of your average living room, it works like a champ!

    By Cambridge Cobra on

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    Smoke em up

    Just starting using this jewel! Good size chamber very efficent love the flavor, top two of a dozen I own, enjoy!

    By Weedy on

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