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    Customer Service & Vapir Prima

    My prima stopped heating up within a months use.
    Continue reading if still interested.

    portable unit. fits in pocket.
    when the light turns green, it means it is ready. in actuality, it is not ready.
    youre suppose to wait another 3-5 minutes, to get actual vapor coming out.
    if you hit it right away, as soon as the light turns green, you will never get vapor. turpenes yes but no vapor.

    since the chamber is brass, once it is actually heated up. it hits like a train. and the unit heats up to a perfect temperature of holding a cup of fresh hot coffee thats been out for 5 minutes. so hot. but not too hot. but more than warm.

    customer service was good.
    here is the whole process in case your unit breaks.
    my unit stopped heating up so i called up the 800 number on vapir's website.
    they gave me an rma number, and i sent it right away the same day it stopped heating up.
    i used UPS.
    i spent $16 on shipping out of my own pocket. they will not pay for shipping. They received three business days later. They did not call me to confirm. I had to call them periodically to find out what is going on with my unit.

    There is a really nice lady answering the phone after automated system. She told me to call back within a few days after the technicians put my unit through tests.
    I waited another 5 days, so all in all, two weeks has passed by. this is now my third week, and im suppose to get my unit back this week on friday or something.
    so 3 weeks was the time it took to repair my unit. the cost of my warranty was free since i just bought it.
    i had to pay for ups.
    they are using usps to send it back on regular ground. they asked if i wanted ups i said usps was fine.

    I mean, it's a wonderful unit because it looks nice, it fits in pocket, and it heats up (after waiting a bit) the way its suppose to in order for it to work properly.

    my previous units include, The Volcano, The Vapor Brothers, Magic Flight.

    if this didnt break, i would have probably gave it all 5 stars. Probably.

    By bonghit on

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