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    Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer

    This Wax Pen Review I must say that the jury is still out?..The Magnetic Connection is the main reason that I Bought this Pen along with the State of the Art Atomizers,which I'm only like 2("Dual Coil Quartz" & "Ceramic"),I didn't care for the "Ceramic Halo Quartz Dish" due to the lack of clouds it failed to produced.Also the Paint on the Pen is already starting to chip away,and I only have been using it 7 weeks(never dropped it).It doesn't give you any type of temperature reading(green=190 degrees,blue=290 degrees,red=410 degrees).I'm thinking that I should have spent a lil bit more and opted for one the Kandy Pen Models?.Dont get me wrong for $93.00(including shipping),your not gonna get much better,but for a well made day to day Wax Pen you're probably need to spend $125.00-$140.00 for a Pen that includes all the proper Accessories "Kit".

    All and All we are still in the beginning stages of the Vaporizer Pen Technology,which seems to be rapidly changing about every six months.The Latest the Pen Model is what the consumer should be striving for in the very near future.The Temperature Mechanism,the quality of Battery,And the Type of Material used to construct the pen(grade 1 or grade 2 titanium).

    By Bigg Robb on

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