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  • Manufactured by Oglesby & Butler, the Iolite Portable Vaporizer requires absolutely no flame, cords, wires or batteries. It allows you to vaporize anytime and anywhere in less than 45 seconds.
    • NEW VERSION - Improved Design & Efficiency
    • Completely Portable - No wires, flames, cords or batteries
    • Quick Heat-Up Time - Less than 45 Seconds

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Butane-Powered Portable Vaporizers

Established in 1984, Oglesby and Butler has established themselves as leaders in manufacturing butane-powered soldering irons, glue guns, and heat tool kits. In 2009, they ventured into the portable vaporizer market with the introduction of the Iolite Vaporizer. Utilizing a bi-metal thermostat, the Iolite Vaporizer is constantly regulated to maintain a temperature that does not exceed 400°F. Compact and lightweight, the Iolite Vaporizer is the definition of portability. It requires absolutely no batteries, flame, cords or wires of any kind.

Iolite Vaporizer & WISPR Vaporizer

Since their introduction to the vaporizer market, Iolite has been refining the design of their original portable vaporizer as well as adding another, the WISPR, to the product line. The original Iolite's compact size makes it an ideal candidate for personal use, vaping with a single user. The WISPR can be used solo, but has additional features to make it highly usable for group sessions. The increased dry herb capacity, as well as a larger butane tank lend to the WISPR lasting longer and producing larger vapor clouds. With these features, you can pick the portable vape that fits you, or your entire group.