KandyPens Prism Battery

KandyPens Prism Battery

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  • 320mAh
  • Sub-Ohm
  • Preset Temps
  • Pass-Through Charging
  • Micro-USB Charging
  • Stealthy Size

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The replacement KandyPens Prism Battery boasts sub-ohm power with a simple single button control for easy operation on-the-go. This 320mAh temp-controlled battery features four heat settings that are optimized for the most popular waxy oils and vaping styles (320F, 350F, 390F, and 430F). You can quickly toggle temperature with a few clicks, then hold the power button to enjoy a rapid heat up time. Charge up via micro-USB with pass-through so you can vape while you charge. The KandyPens Prism Battery is protected by a lifetime warranty, a testament to its quality.

  • 1 x KandyPens Prism Battery

KandyPens Prism Battery Additional Information

Dimensions: 0.75 x 0.75 x 3 in.
Weight: 0.07 lbs.

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    Very happy with purchase

    Bought this battery for my boyfriend and I. I knew I had to get a vape with a 510 thread count in order to be compatible with most cartridges. This pen is great because it has four temperatures, can charge with a phone battery, and long battery life once charged.

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Q: Does it come with a battery?

Asked By Bryan Adams on September 23, 2018

A: Bryan, Yes, the KandyPens Prism Battery comes with a battery. -VaporNation

Q: Do you know the wattage output or amperage of the Prism (or Prism+) battery? Trying to determine if I can use it with the Brain Fogger atomizer with a max wattage of 20W. But, can't calculate wattage on Prism+ without amperage.

Asked By Matt Gorman on September 22, 2018

A: Matt, The KandyPens Prism Battery wattage are as follows: 2.3v (yellow) 3.0v (green) 3.6v (red) 4.2v (blue) -VaporNation

Q: What is the color temp chart for the prism battery?

Asked By Andy on March 05, 2018

A: Hey Andy, the KandyPens Prism Battery does not feature temperature control, it operates on variable voltage. The voltages correlate with the colors as follows: Yellow-2.3V, Green-3.0V, Red 3.6V, Blue 4.2V Hope this helps, VaporNation

Q: I am looking for a quality vape pen / battery (?), and want to be clear before any purchase as I'm quite new. I have a USB pen (w/ out temperature settings/control) that I was given to use 510 threaded oil concentrate cartridges. I just need something of better quality - will this prism battery do? (or is this only a piece to a larger part) Thx in advance....

Asked By Scott on January 27, 2018

A: Hey Scott, this KandyPens Prism Battery will definitely be of higher quality than most no-name/generic batteries. It features 510 threading so it will also be compatible with cartridges. Hope this helps, VaporNation