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Life Saber Vaporizer Parts

The Life Saber by 7th Floor is a rare kind of vaporizer--a handheld unit with the power of a desktop vape. 7th Floor vaporizers are regarded as some of the most uniquely designed and high performance devices in the industry. Sure enough, the Life Saber vaporizer fits the bill with an anodized aluminum Star Wars lightsaber design, a butane-free ceramic heating element, and water pipe compatibility for smooth and clean tasting vapor production.

Vape parts for the Life Saber by 7th Floor

For users who prefer pure and smooth hits, the Life Saber water filtration adapter is a vape part which allows you to attach a water filtration pipe that moisture conditions and purifies vapor. The all-glass shorty transfer wand provides a ground-glass connection that fits snugly on the Life Saber vaporizer. Also available is a standard size transfer wand made of pyrex ground glass. Replacement screens are available so users can keep the Life Saber vape running optimally by quickly switching out old screens for new ones.