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  • Need more Juice?!? Pick up a set of newly released Replacement Batteries for your Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer. Each of these re-chargeable NiMh Batteries comes with plastic caps for extra comfort and stability.
    • Protective Caps
    • Capacity: 2250mAh
    • NiMH Rechargeable

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  • This is a replacement Magic Flight Launch Box Medium 3" Straight Glass Stem (mouthpiece) and is made specifically for the Magic Flight Launch Box. The stem extends the distance from the heating element to your mouth reducing the temperature of the vapor providing a slightly cooler draw.

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  • This 3" acrylic straight stem (mouthpiece) is made specifically for the Magic Flight Launch Box. The stem extends the distance from the heating element to your mouth reducing the temperature of the vapor providing a slightly cooler draw.

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  • Magic Flight Launch Box Cleaning Brush replacement for cleaning your vaporizer screen.

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  • This is a pack of 3 replacement screens for the Muad-Dib Concentrate Box from Magic Flight. These stainless steel screens clip easily onto the rails of the Muad-Dib, making it simple to replace old or damaged screens.
    • Stainless Steel
    • Easy To Change

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  • The Magic Flight Concentrate Tray enables you to use concentrates and extracts with your Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer. This tray is suitable for any type of concentrate that can fully melt to a liquid and leave no residue behind.

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  • The UFO (Unnamed Filtration Object) from Magic Flight provides seamless water filtration for on-the-go vaping. This device is constructed from water resistant bamboo, and is compatible with nearly any drinking glass you have lying around the house. Just fill with water and attach the UFO. Then, connect your Launch Box by way of the included whip, and within seconds, your ready to experience your MFLB in a whole new way!
    • Easy To Use
    • Fits Most Cups
    • Quality Construction

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  • The Magic-Flight NiMH Charger holds two AA NiMH batteries and is compatible with both 110 and 220 volts for domestic and international usage. It has North American plugs so you may need an adapter plug if you are using it in a country outside of North America.

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  • Designed and handcrafted by in-house wood artisans, the Magic-Flight Dart is an elegant natural extension of your Launch Box. The flat mouthpiece provides for the utmost in comfort during every draw. In addition, the porous nature of wood is naturally resistant to bacteria and fungi. The Dart can also be used to replace an acrylic end of any of our standard whips for a unique and functional aesthetic. These flat tipped wood stems come in three wood styles (Maple, Cherry and Walnut) to match any Launch Box.

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  • The Magic Flight Maud Dib Draw Whip is constructed with Magic Flight's trademark noir design using brass ends and a high grade rubber whip.
    • 1.5 ft
    • Medical Grade Tubing
    • Brass Ends

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  • The Muad-Dib loading spoon is the perfect accessory to use with a wide variety of concentrate consistencies. Thick or oily, the Muad-Dib loading spoon features a scoop-shaped tip with makes loading any type of wax a breeze. Constructed of 100% brass, this loading tool is built to last.

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  • The Magic-Flight Orbiter is an essential accessory for any Launch Box or Muad-Dib Concentrate Box enthusiast. With a showerhead style downstem, and two 14mm female glass joints, the Orbiter will cool your vapor to perfection making every draw smooth and enjoyable. Its square, wooden base allows for the Orbiter to sit soundly on any table top. Accompanied by two Water Pipe Whips; a standard 18 inch size to connect to your Launch Box or Muad-Dib and another 27 inch size that serves as the draw whip, The Orbiter makes for a excellent companion when sharing sessions with friends.

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  • Meet the newest addition to the Magic-Flight product family. The Magic Flight Water Filtration Whip Adapter is improving upon the original Water Filtration Adapter design, allowing you to connect your Magic-Flight Launch Box to a 14mm water pipe (18mm fitter sold separately) through a custom whip attachment. This allows for more flexibility and freedom in getting large tasty vapor hits. The components of the WPW disassemble easily for cleaning and alternatively as a stand alone whip.

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  • Building on the success of the wildly popular UFO Water Filtration Device (which pairs perfectly with a pint glass), Magic Flight is back with another handy water tool that can be used with nearly any narrow-neck bottle; introducing the Bottle Rocket. Featuring familiar Magic Flight styling, the Bottle Rocket is crafted from premium wood, silicone and acrylic - and fits securely onto plastic water bottles, soda bottles, and most glass bottles. Portable, versatile, innovative and affordable - the Bottle Rocket allows you to quickly and easily add an element of water filtration to your vape sessions.
    • Portable & Versatile
    • Handmade in the USA
    • Fits Most Narrow-neck Bottles

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  • The Magic Flight Car Accessory gives you enhanced flexibility by allowing you to power your Magic Flight Power Adapter 2.0 or Magic Flight Battery Charger through your car's 12V port while you're on the road.

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  • This Magic Flight desktop whip measures 2 ft in length and enables easy sharing.

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Magic Flight Vaporizer Parts

The Magic Flight Launch Box made an impression on the vaping world with an eclectic wooden design, so it’s only fitting that Magic Flight accessories carry the same homespun attitude. Wood stems and mouthpieces, and a variety of interesting whips make for welcome enhancements to the Launch Box portable vaporizer.

Magic Flight Accessories

Magic Flight has put out a line of accessories for their flagship Launch Box vaporizer. Smaller vape accessories like a wooden grinder to match the Launch Box’s style and a power adapter to replace the standard double A battery power source serve to make your vaping sessions more convenient, while larger accessories like the Magic Flight Bottle Rocket water filtration device play integral roles in your enhancing vaporization.