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Micro Vaped Vape Parts

Micro Vaped vaporizers is one of the most recognizable brands in the vaping industry by virtue of their distinctive Micro Vaped FOB vaporizer, which is uniquely shaped like a car key. But they also have in their line up an array of vape pens, some for wax, others for herb, with discreet office pen designs, quality materials, and advanced heating systems. Micro Vaped also manufactures replacement vape parts for their vaporizers so users can maintain, repair, and even enhance their vaping experience.

Micro Vaped Glass Parts

Micro Vaped vape parts include glass bubbler attachments that clean and moisturize vapor through water filtration. The Micro Vaped Nano can be complemented with a "vubbler" attachement, sold separately, while the Micro Vaped Nectar Collector comes with a glass bubbler, with replacement vape parts available if necessary. Compatible with all Micro Vaped models is the Micro Vaped glass chamber for extracting intense flavors from waxy oils. Micro Vaped glass parts deliver smooth, unadulterated vapor.