Micro Vaped V4 Quartz Buckets

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  • Requires v4 Atomizer Base and Mouthpiece
  • GR2 Titanium
  • Dual Quartz Coil
  • 5 Pack
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This is a 5 pack of replacement quartz buckets (wax atomizers) designed for use with the Micro Vaped v4 and Nano v4 vaporizers.

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Warranty Info: No Warranty
Dimensions: 1 x 1.5 x 3 in.
Weight: 0.20 lbs.
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    Fast delivery

    First off, 5/5 for delivery. I ordered on Friday morning and received my replacement heating elements the next day without paying extra for shipping. That's good service.

    I hold products to a very high standard, so my 4/5 star review can be taken as 'I have no problem whatsoever with this product, haven't found a better one, but can conceive of a better one'. Excellent product, would buy again, would recommend.

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    Innovative product, takes some practice

    I love these bowls for my on-the-go medicating needs! I use 1-2 grams of concentrate through out my day, and the micro Nectar Collector is my favorite after trying a hand full of others. The glass attachment with interchangeable"straws" is great for home, and the electric pen with these babies is nice and discreet for when I am out. They take a little practice to use them super efficiently, the right amount of medicine and the way you hold it when it cools matters, but just don't fill it too much to start with and you'll be just fine. Still trying to figure out the best way to clean them, so far a short soak in limonene seems to be the best, make sure to be gentle, while there may be a layer of crap on the coils, remember they are fragile so don't scrape them. I found the best is to soak in limonene, rinse with iso alcohol, dry. Then attach the battery and burn off what's left, when the Ash is white. Rinse with alcohol again and dry. Smell, taste for left over limonene, rinse more with water if any remains, smoking limonene residue tastes pretty bad, but isn't harmful.

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Q: I ordered these quartz replacements about 2-3 weeks ago. Even though it said that my order was received, I haven't received them

Asked By Terry Chandler on October 17, 2017

A: Hey Terry, Sorry to hear you're having issues with the shipment of your Micro Vaped V4 Quartz Buckets, please contact [email protected] to further discuss your order