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  • The new FOB Vaporizer from Micro Vaped represents the ultimate in "low-key" vaping. Designed to be the most discreet portable vaporizer ever, at first glance the FOB appears to be nothing more than an ordinary car key fob. The FOB's power and temperature control buttons are even disguised as a 'trunk open' and door 'lock' and 'unlock' buttons. The FOB vape makes flying under the radar while vaporizing in public easier than ever, and is quite simply the most discreet portable vaporizer ever.
    • The "Car Key Vaporizer"
    • Sleek & Compact
    • Magnetic Chamber Lid

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Micro Vaped Vaporizers are Stealthy and Sleek

Micro Vaped vaporizers are some of the most discreet vapes on the market. Taking the form of office pens and even car-key fobs, the Micro Vaped lineup of vaporizers ensures a stealthy vaping experience. Micro Vaped vaporizers like the Micro Vaped Nectar Collector are ideal for those who prefer vaping wax concentrates. With advanced Switch Hit technology, users can vape wax two different ways: Wax pen style with the included battery, or dab style by torching wax using the included titanium tip and glass chamber attachment designed by Nectar Collector.

Herb lovers with busy lifestyles can vape loose leaf on-the-go with the Micro Vaped FOB car key vaporizer. This extremely compact and discreet Micro Vaped vaporizer looks identical to a car key fob, enabling users to low-key vape wherever they go. For such a small vaporizer, the Micro Vaped FOB vaporizer features an advanced heating system with 6 optimized settings to pinpoint, and passthrough charging technology so users can stay powered up through the day. For true connoisseurs of herb vaporization, there's the Micro Vaped Flora vaporizer, featuring a glass-on-glass vapor path and zero combustion for clean-tasting and smooth vapor production

Micro Vaped specializes in discreet vaporizers with sturdy yet sophisticated designs. Take for instance the Micro Vaped Nano V4, a vape pen that looks exactly like a compact writing pen at under 5 inches in length, but packs power with a deep quartz heating chamber and multiple temperate settings. As the stigma of herb consumption comes to an end, a vaporizer for low-key vaping is still useful. Micro Vaped vaporizers offer discretion, and performance to rival the best vaporizers on the market.