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This magical potion transforms your favorite waxes, concentrates and other oils into E-Liquid form, allowing you to use with any oil (e-liquid) vaporizer.

Size: 60ml

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Dimensions: 1.5 x 5 x 1.5 in.
Weight: 0.30 lbs.

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    Icky Sticky!

    If you follow instructions and mix it in a cup it is very messy and you will lose most of it. If you use a shot glass to mix it in it works well. Also heating the liquid for no more than 10 sec. at a time in a micro it helps. To all vapers this is %100 PG but blended! So this is kinda expensive. If you do not know what that means buy this stuff as it works great! When done you can be really sneaky as it looks like you are puffin on a E-cig.

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    needs more work

    The oil separates out to quick when stored.

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Q: What's the taste like? I've tried a different brand that didn't taste so hot although it worked very well turning mmj concentrates into oil for vaping. I tried adding vape flavor… a little better but I'm hoping yours taste better.

Asked By Kim Barclift on November 05, 2015

A: Liquid X is essentially flavorless.

Q: What does this do exactly?

Asked By Sweetnsouthern on June 17, 2015

A: You can add concentrates to make your own liquid with the consistency of an e-juice, allowing for use in a large variety of pen vapes.

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