Coils / Atomizer Heads

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The Heat Source For Vaporization

Coils or atomizers are a crucial part of the vaporizer experience. These parts are part of the tank assembly and are responsible for the heating of e-juice in your portable vaporizer. The atomizer draws power from your wattage or sub-ohm battery, delivering the energy to the coils which create heat. Coils are capable of producing a very large amount of heat in a short amount of time, however this also creates a large amount of wear on the atomizer. To keep your vape delivering smooth, thick vapor, replacement of the coils may be necessary.

An Atomizer for Every Occasion

Not all atomizers are created equally. Dual coil or higher quality atomizers tend to have better vapor production as well as increased longevity, the caveat is that they will vaporizer e-juice faster. It is important to note the wattage or Ohm level you are wishing to vape at, to confirm check your vape mod or battery for its compatibility. While the majority of these atomizers have broad compatibility and are 510 threaded to simply screw in to any battery, some mods may have a power output larger than the coil. Chose the coil for your preferred vaping experience.