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  • This is a replacement 18650 battery for the Arizer Air Vaporizer.

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  • The Samsung 25R 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery has been redesigned to be more powerful and safer for low resistance/sub-ohm vaping. The 25R now features Lithium Manganese Nickel (INR) chemistry, and is the recommended flat top battery for electronic mods.
    • 3.6V 2500mAh
    • INR (Lithium Manganese Nickel)
    • Ideal for Low Resistance/Sub-ohm Mods

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  • The Innokin Disrupter Mod (sold separately) is powered by Innokin's new LiPo replaceable/interchangeable InnokinCell Battery. This 2000mAh battery is available in multiple colors for ultimate mod customization. When your battery is low or out of juice, you can quickly and securely swap it out for a fully charged backup using Innokin's Slide n' Lock battery replacement system.
    • 2000mAh
    • Multiple Colors
    • LED Charging Indicators

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Cloud Power

All vaporizers require some sort of power to make vapor. The overwhelming majority of vaporizers are electronic, meaning a battery will power the atomizer which will in turn vaporize your vaping material, be it dry herb, e-juice or wax and concentrates. While some vape pens and wax pens have batteries built in, more powerful mod vaporizers will require their own batteries. The most common battery seen in vaporizers is the 18650, which is a common and easily replaceable flat top battery. Make sure to check the manufacturer's info on your chosen vaporizer to make sure that your vape will be compatible.