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  • Merging vaporizer technology with ancient aromatherapy, the MONQ Oil Diffuser is a more convenient, pocket-friendly way to experience the life-enhancing benefits of aromatherapy. This pen-style personal oil diffuser comes in 11 premium blends, each sourced from experienced aromatherapy experts. Each 100% organic and vegan essential oil is free of GMOs, nicotine, tobacco, and artificial ingredients.
    • Portable Essential Oil Diffusion
    • 11 Premium Blends
    • Pocket-Friendly

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By taking what is known about the advantages of aromatherapy and combining it with the science of vaporizing, MONQ offers essential oil diffusion to improve people’s experience with natural compounds. These molecules have been growing on this planet for years and were utilized prior to the development of modern medical technology. The knowledge of these ancient healing methods is applied to the creation of every diffuser’s unique essential oil blends. Each one thoughtfully designed to bolster the quality of one’s life, without the use of syringes or surgery. There is a blend of Therapeutic Air® for nearly every situation or mood.