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  • Merging vaporizer technology with ancient aromatherapy, the MONQ Oil Diffuser is a more convenient, pocket-friendly way to experience the life-enhancing benefits of aromatherapy. This pen-style personal oil diffuser comes in 11 premium blends, each sourced from experienced aromatherapy experts. Each 100% organic and vegan essential oil is free of GMOs, nicotine, tobacco, and artificial ingredients.
    • Portable Essential Oil Diffusion
    • 11 Premium Blends
    • Pocket-Friendly

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Blending portable vaporizer technology with ancient aromatherapy practices, the MONQ pen is a more pocket-friendly, convenient way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.

These pen-style personal oil diffusers come in 11 premium blends, each sourced from reputable farms and blended by aromatherapy experts. The essential oil is 100% organic, vegan, and free of GMOs, nicotine, tobacco, and artificial ingredients.

Engineered to deliver the benefits of aromatherapy with the convenience of today’s vaporizer technology, these personal diffusers produce potent vapor instantly with an advanced vaporization system that extracts intense flavor notes, aromas, and compounds for a satisfying experience.

Created by medical doctor and holistic practitioner Eric Fishman, MONQ is a personal essential oil diffuser designed to replenish the nourishing terpenes found in natural environs. The acronym stands for “Modified Observation of Natural Qualia”. Qualia describes your subjective experience during the stimulation of your senses. These amazing devices allow you to customize this experience with a variety of different mood-enhancing blends.

To boost your qualia, MONQ aims to replenish the terpenes that your body lacks in city environments. Terpenes encompass a class of naturally occurring hydrocarbons in plants and animals. The terpenes in each blend have been found to have positive effects on both mental and physical well-being, mainly revolving around mood and stress.

MONQ harnesses the power of terpenes in portable pens, allowing you to enjoy a specific mood on-the-go. No other portable diffuser is this convenient and effective. You can pick the way you want to feel, anytime and anywhere.


Each flavor of MONQ comes in a stylish easy-to-use auto-draw aromatherapy pen. Simply hold the pen to your lips and breathe shallowly into your mouth. The pressure from your breathing will activate the heating system. Here is the brief guide on how to use your MONQ:

  1. Softly place your lips on the mouthpiece.

  2. Exhale the therapeutic vapor through your nose.

  3. Repeat 2-3 times as you need throughout your day.

This process is exclusive to MONQ and is referred as a “MONQhale”. Employing the MONQhale delivers an easy and smooth portable aromatherapy experience. Your breaths should be short as opposed to long, pulling draws.

MONQ has boiled down aromatherapy to a simple yet effective science. The pens don’t need to be charged, and there are no buttons to be pressed. Compared to other aromatherapy devices, the MONQ is much easier to operate, as it doesn’t have any complicated or specialized instructions for the device. Not having to source your own oils (or learn to properly mix them) gives MONQ a leg up on other aromatherapy options as it allows you to engage in your aromatherapy routine anytime, anywhere.


The MONQ is not a vape, it is an “air therapy device”. When compared to vaporizers, MONQ actually has a lot more in common with oil diffusers commonly used for aromatherapy uses. MONQ is not meant to be inhaled like a typical vaporizer or e-cigarette. While typical vaporizers are inhaled using a classic “mouth to lung” or direct to mouth inhale, the MONQ oil diffuser is not inhaled at all.


The body of each MONQ is made of high-grade #304 stainless steel. This type of stainless steel is incredibly sturdy but lightweight, making it perfect for an active lifestyle. The MONQ is equipped with a 210mAh lithium ion battery that functions at .882 watt hours. The battery is stored apart from the heating element and can withstand up to 480°F so there is no risk of explosion or flames. A nickel chromium resistance wire that heats the essential oils at around 419°F. A silica wick transfers the essential oil into the heating chamber as you take a breath, turning a small amount (around .0033ml) into a peaceful, fragrant mist.


From stress-relief to libido, MONQ is designed to let you feel how you want, whenever you want. While these pens aren’t a “cure all,” they do invoke emotions, memories, and sensations on-the-go. Thanks to the MONQhale, the feeling is deeper than with usual air diffusers, with the mist going directly from mouth to nose.