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  • This is a replacement mouthpiece for the Gravity wax pen vaporizer from KandyPens. The latest version features a glossy mouthpiece, a sandblasted black finish, and an air carb which gives you more control over the strength of your rips.
    • Air Carb
    • 510 Threaded
    • Glossy Mouthpiece

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  • The newly released Source Orb 4 Attachment has been completely retooled with 5 variable airflow settings, a 2-piece magnetic design, and includes four redesigned wax atomizers.
    • 510 Threaded
    • 5 Airflow Settings
    • New 2-Piece Design

    Special Price $49.95

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Why Your Vape Mouthpiece Matters

In vaporizer anatomy, the mouthpiece is not only the vape part from which you draw vapor, but the final element of the vapor path. The design and material of a mouthpiece plays an integral role in the character of each hit taken from a vaporizer. For smooth, flavorful hits, glass vaporizer mouthpieces are ideal. Glass is not chemically reactive, and doesn't "rub off" on vapor, leaving no residual tastes or odor. Wider mouthpieces deliver larger hits, while narrower ones deliver smaller puffs. Some mouthpieces double as bubbler pipes. The SideKick Bubbler mouthpiece purifies and moisture conditions vapor through water filtration. When it comes to customizing one's vaping experience, the type of vaporizer mouthpiece you choose matters.

Vaporizer mouthpieces need replacement periodically. If a mouthpiece becomes worn out or clogged after years of vaping, a replacement is needed to retain optimal vapor production. While most vape mouthpieces are very inexpensive, those with advanced designs and high quality materials can get pricier. The type of vaporizer one chooses depends on the model of vaporizer they own as well as their vaping preferences.