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  • The Puffco Peak is a portable e-rig extracting intense flavor and effects from concentrates with intelligent temperature adjustment, 4 optimized heat settings, a high-grade ceramic bowl, and a hand-blown borosilicate glass water pipe attachment.
    • High Grade Ceramic Bowl
    • Borosilicate Water Pipe Attachment
    • 4 Optimized Heat Settings

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  • Featuring a bold and beautiful design from artist and tastemaker Amber Rose, the KandyPens Amber Rose vape pen offers thick, flavorful vapor quality on-demand. Featuring a suite of premium atomizers, variable voltage, and an elevated airflow system, the KandyPens x Amber Rose vape delivers clouds just how you like them.
    • Designed by Amber Rose
    • Coilless Atomizer w/ Quartz Crystal Chamber
    • Dual Quartz Rod w/ Quartz Crystal Chamber

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  • The OG Series GEN3 Vaporizer is the latest and greatest version of ThisThingRips' powerful quartz rod wax pen. Fully loaded with a dual quartz rod atomizer, the new OG Four delivers the big tasty clouds that flavor-chasers crave.
    • Dual Lava-Quartz Rod Atomizer
    • Remembers Last Temperature
    • Variable Voltage

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  • Dr. Dabber Switch is a game-changing induction e-rig vaporizer engineered to deliver optimal vapor quality from both oils and herb in seconds. As a dab rig that also works with dry herb, the Switch breaks boundaries to offer a complete high-performance vaping experience.
    • 25 Heat Settings
    • Dual Herb and Oil Functionality
    • Ceramic Induction Cups

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A new generation of vaporizers is here. They're smaller, smarter, and stronger than before. And they make vaping more enjoyable than ever. You can find a new vaporizer for whatever material you prefer; whether it's herb, concentrates or liquid. As new heating methods and designs emerge it is important to stay on top of what trends might take over the vape world, as advances in vape technology can save you money by conserving material and even eliminating the need for spare parts. From slim, stealthy vape pens to powerful portables and beyond, there's a new vaporizer for everyone. But how can you find the right vape if you’re new to the game? Let’s give you a rundown of what to look for when finding a new vape.


As vape technology moves forward, portable vaporizers are starting to rival desktop vapes in terms of cloud production and flavor-saving capabilities. Portable vapes, be they pen style units or just beefier, bulkier travel ready models, are able to produce large amounts of vapor anytime and anywhere. But don’t count out desktop vaporizer units yet, new heating technologies are emerging that are helping to keep these larger units relevant for users. Some new vaporizers are able to vape both dry herbs and concentrates, saving users time and space by providing fantastic vaporization for either substance.


Portable vaporizers are handheld, battery-powered units that give users on-the-go consumption of dry herb or concentrates. Always compact, portable vapes don’t burden the user with bulky designs or a heavy weight, making them easily concealed during use, or after a session. Despite the size of these vapes advances in battery and atomizer technology make them almost as powerful as a desktop unit. Modern portable vaporizers deliver excellent draws and discretion making users feel comfortable when vaping in public.

Some of the most groundbreaking vapes available are portable units that feature convection heating methods. Convection heating vaporizes material by coating it in hot air, as opposed to having the material in direct contact with the heating element. Often found in desktop vaporizers, convection heating is widely regarded as the best way to vape as it harnesses all the flavor of your dry herb or concentrates while prolonging session time.

Newer portable vaporizers are getting slimmer than their predecessors while still pushing heating technology forward. These units are usually charged via micro USB, ensuring that users can charge and power their portable vape from anywhere. More advanced models will feature “pass-through” technology, which lets the vaporizer be used during charging, so sessions won’t be ruined by a dead vape.


Vaporizer pens represent the most discreet option for users. Petite and pen-shaped vape pens give users stealthy sips anywhere they want to. It used to be that older vape pens could only handle concentrates, but as technology moved forward dry herb vape pens have become increasingly popular. Vaping dry herb in pen form is more difficult than concentrates, as the small chamber where the herb is housed can lead to combustion, but with advanced technology like large ceramic chambers vape pens are starting to close the gap on portable vapes in terms of how many models can vape dry herb.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a commuter or home-body, wanting a discreet vaporization experience is a shared desire and vape pens certainly fill that need. Most new vape pens are around 5” long and very thin, some even as small as a #2 pencil, meaning you can hide the pen in your hand during use and it easily fits in your pocket or purse once finished. One of the biggest advantages of a vape pen is their ease-of-use. Larger units make users toggle through temps. But with vape pens, as soon as you turn the unit on a pre-set temperature is met within seconds and you can start taking draws. Simple controls and lightning-fast heat up times make vape pens the ideal vape for users who enjoy sessions on-the-go.


While portable vaporizers have a place in our go-go-go world, it can be nice to have a “home unit” that produces elite vapor. Desktop vaporizers are equipped with more efficient heating systems than their portable counterparts, extracting the best flavor and potency from your dry herb while leaving out potentially harmful irritants in the process. While pre-set temps dominate the vape pen market, desktop vaporizers offer precision temperature control so you can zero in on the exact degree you want to vape at. While you can’t take desktop vapes anywhere, you can count on them to manufacture smooth, flavorful draws from the comfort from your own home. Desktop vaporizers have 3 ways to inhale: whip tubing, balloon bag, or steamroller.

Whip-style vaping means you’ll be taking draws through silicone or vinyl tubing. This is one of the most popular ways to use a desktop vape. Your vapor travels through the length of the tubing, cooling as it gets closer to your lungs. Users who are sensitive to harsher draws will prefer whip-style desktop vaporizers. Balloon bag desktop vapes are fantastic for sharing and storing vapor. You’ll be able to fill balloon-bags of vapor that are easily closed to allow you to “sip” vapor for hours. As vapor collects in the balloon bag it cools to the temperature of the room, so each draw you take is cooler than the last. Steamroller desktop vaporizers are the cream of the crop when it comes to vapor smoothness: users just fit a steamroller pipe onto the vapor outlet of your device extending the vapor path even further to cool down your vapor.


There are three types of heating styles for vaporizers: induction, conduction, and convection heating. Induction heating is the newest method of heating to hit the vape-scape and although only available in the Dr. Dabber SWITCH, should be able to carve out a spot in the vape-scape.


Performance wise, conduction vapes can produce vapor from your very first draw since your dry herb or concentrate is in direct contact with the heating element, so there is little to no preheating wait time. Conduction heating is the dominant heat method in portable and pen-style vaporizer because of the simplistic technology conduction heating utilizes, which in turn lowers production costs. The biggest advantage to this heating method is the lower price point at which conduction vapes can be sold at, making getting the newest conduction vaporizer not as big of a risk for new users who don’t want to feel like they’re getting in too deep price wise.


Almost every desktop and higher-end portable vaporizer will feature convection heating. In conduction vapes, your material is right on the heating element, whereas convection heating houses your material away from the heating element and pulls hot air in to blanket your material and vaporize every millimeter evenly. Convection heating draws out more active substances from your dry herb or concentrates so you won’t miss out on any flavors or effects. Conservation is a big plus for new convection vapes as well; small amounts of material can go a long way and don’t have to be finely ground up to become fully vaporized. Convection heating is more complicated than conduction, so vaporizers using this method tend to be on the more expensive side, but as new vapes continue to improve on production you can expect to find the cost of these portable units to go down.


Brand new on the scene in 2018 is induction heating. With only one vaporizer in production that utilizes induction heating, the Dr. Dabber SWITCH, you can be assured that this is the absolute newest vaporizer technology available. Induction heating is the process of heating an electrically conducting object (usually metal) through heat generated by eddy currents, so the heat is generated inside the object itself instead of an external heat source. The SWITCH has an induction coil at the top of the unit that holds induction cups (filled with your preferred smoking material) inside of it. The coil heats the cup, which in turn heats your material. Induction heating eliminates the need for atomizers, which is a nice cost saving feature in the long run. Like convection heating, induction heated vaporizers have not “hot spots” so you’re material is perfectly vaped every time. Induction heating is the newest vaporizer heating method and if properly developed could dominate the market in the coming years.


You may be wondering how to use your vaporizer for the first time. It's actually pretty easy. But there are a few essential steps you don't want to miss. First, give the heating chamber a quick cleaning with isopropyl alcohol to remove any factory residue. If you're vaping herb, make sure to grind it finely and pack the chamber firmly for the best vapor. You may have heard that priming your vaporizer battery is necessary before the first session. We always suggest that. Lastly, make sure to read the user manual to find out exactly how your new vaporizer works. Following these easy steps will ensure a safe, easy, and enjoyable vaping experience.