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Chillums originated in India centuries ago. Hindu monks molded them from earthen clay, carving meaningful designs into their surfaces. They later became a common tool for enjoying dry herb in Africa, and have also been used in Rastafari sacraments. To this day chillums are used around the world. Their simple yet effective designs have made them one of the most popular hand pipes.


Featuring a straight, cone shaped body with a horizontal bowl, chillums deliver a straight blast of smoke. Some chillum pipes, like the GRAV Helix Chillum, have spiraling air paths that allow hits to cool down before they’re inhaled. The Helix Chillum features a Venturi chamber mouthpiece that aerates and spirals each hit to make it smoother. Those who want a more comfortable smoking experience without sacrificing portability should consider a glass Helix chillum.


Glass chillums are made with high grade, thermal resistant silica. This material does not react to heat, ensuring the best flavor, aroma, and potency, as well as cool hits that go down easy. This type of borosilicate glass is also more durable, preventing cracking and breakage and promising longer lasting performance. Glass chillums are available in a variety of colors and sizes, so there’s one for every smoker.