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  • The Atomic Bianca Dab Rig - 5" is an elegant glass water pipe with a compact size for dabbing on-the-go. Equipped with a high grade glass nail, the Atomic Bianca pipe delivers huge, highly concentrated dabs from your favorite wax concentrates.
    • 5" Tall
    • Glass Nail
    • Beaker Style

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  • At just 3" in length, this palm-sized Glass Chillum hand pipe is perfect for passing around the room or quick hits on-the-go.
    • High Quality Glass
    • Ergonomic Build
    • Compact 3" Size

    Special Price $14.99

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  • The Small Glass Pipe places quality smoke sessions in the palm of your hand. A high quality glass design with magical spirals delivers robust, potent rips. The classic carb hole lets you control your intake, while a spiraling smoke path cools rips down. Easy to use, clean, and carry, the Small Glass Pipe is an essential tool for on-the-go hits.
    • Colors Will Vary
    • Spiraling Air Path
    • High Grade Glass

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  • The Medium Glass Pipe delivers bigger hits while still offering a portable design. Made out of high quality glass with beautiful colors spiraling through it, the medium glass hand pipe promotes even burning, smooth rips, and a pocket-friendly smoking experience.
    • Assorted 5 Pack
    • Colors Will Vary
    • High Grade Glass

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Non-branded glass pipes include chillums, glass hand pipes in small, medium and large sizes, water pipes, dab rigs, quartz bangers and more. You’ll find an array of generic glass pipes here for every smoker. Whether you want to enjoy the smooth rips of a dab rig or the on-the-go hits of a small hand-pipe, you can find the perfect glass piece today.


For smoking on-the-fly, chillums have been the go-to pipe for centuries. Essentially a one-hitter pipe, the glass chillum features a horizontal bowl that delivers smoke directly down a straight air path to the mouthpiece. These straight blasts are robust, potent, and lung-filling. Small and pocket-friendly, chillums are ideal for smoking on-the-go. This is an essential pipe for any smoker’s stash box.


Desktop dab rigs are glass water pipes for enjoying wax concentrates. The bowl, called a nail, is heated using a torch. Directly afterwards, a bit of wax is placed on the hot nail as the user inhales. A huge cloud of potent smoke is sucked through the air path, which usually includes a percolator that defuses hits into a water chamber where they are purified and moisturized. A dab rig is a more comfortable and enjoyable way to smoke wax and oil. Each rip is smooth, milky, and highly concentrated.


Our glass hand pipes come in a variety of sizes including small, medium and large. Each pipe is made of high grade glass that’s lightweight yet durable, but most importantly thermal-resistant. The inert nature of the bowl and airpath does not react to high heat, ensuring that the essential flavors, aromas, and compounds found in herb are fully displayed. These stunningly designed hand pipes feature psychedelic spirals in their glass work, as well as spiraling air paths that cool hits as they travel to your mouth.